2 ABM Strategies for Cold Email

“Low and Slow”

Perfect for “land-and-expand” enterprise sales teams, Low and Slow is when you structure a single campaign for each target account, load all relevant contacts into that campaign, and send at low volumes.

It’s critical to not over-do it on volume, as blasting too many people at large orgs can trigger spam filters and make it difficult to continue reaching out. It’s also best to do this with 5–10 companies at once and spread your volume across different accounts. This can be less-efficient from a reply rate perspective relative to other ABM tactics, but is generally very good for converting high % of key accounts into sales opps.

Event-Based Outreach

If you’re willing to do things like build RSS feeds and create some clever scripts in Airtable, Event-based outreach can maximize reply rates for high-value contacts at key accounts. This is in line with my philosophy that email customization should focus more on the timing component than touching on the prospect’s personal information.

First step is to setup a feed (Feedly is ideal for this)

Next is to set up an automated export of specific events into an Airtable

Here I used a few scripts, some manual data entry (done by a VA) and a couple concatenate formulas to gather specific data on each company (in this case, what their expansion plans were post recent funding round), and auto-generate super-targeted emails. I can decide to send these manually or route them to my cold outreach tools.



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