Thug Love Story 2017: The Musical (Interlude) by Action Bronson.

Esta es una rola que llamó mucho mi atención porque demuestra que no necesitas de una producción tan cerda y hacerla parte de un gran álbum cómo es el “Mr Wonderful” de Action Bronson. Es una pieza “a capella” de un vato (Ezra) amigo de Bronson grabada en la calle y es justo esto lo que le imprime un toque especial. Refleja un talento para expresar y compartir un sentimiento de dos vías dependiendo de cómo uno lo quiera tomar.

Les comparto la rola y abajo la letra. Escuchen el final de la historia.

Peace out.

Action Bronson: “What was that one you were telling me about the other evening, you were singin’ about the sister in the street gang?”

L.E.S Ezra : “Uh you’re talkin’ about… damn… say some words that I… I got so much shit.”

Bronson: “…Lost in the street life…”

L.E.S. Ezra: I’m lookin’ for this lady

(There you go, there you go!)

L.E.S. Ezra:
She’s special to me
So if by chance you see her
Won’t you hit me on the hip, will you please?
I went to Red Cross and I went to the station
I looked up missing persons
And I found out that she wasn’t there
Did she find, did she find
Did she find someone new?
Is it true?
Did she find, did she find
DId she find someone new?
I hope it’s not true
My sister came over with no smile on her face
She said, “You better sit down”
It’s gonna hurt, what she has to say
“That baby’s not yours, she belongs to the streets
Where gangsters and hustlers
Where they meet on 125C
She can never be yours, a housewife. you see
She belongs to the ghetto, my friend
She doesn’t belong to you or me”
Did she find, did she find…

L.E.S. Ezra: “Let me tell you something about that song. It could go two ways. It could be about drugs, and it could be about a woman.”

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