Nauru steps up truancy fight

By Kaelyn D

THE Government of Nauru will be giving $5 a day to every child who attends school in a bid to fight truancy in the country.

This incentive includes students ranging from preschool right up to high school, however, all funds will be deposited into a trust fund and students will only be able to access it when they leave school.

Nauru’s Minister for Education, Charmaine Scotty, said reports from various school officials proved the incentive was having a profound effect on truancy rates as students were showing interest in coming to school.

“So far the scheme is working brilliantly with kids wanting to attend school and knowing there is a real benefit in staying at school and receiving education,” Scotty said.

Anne Scotty, a former teacher who is pursuing her education in Fiji, is thrilled to hear of the program as she believes it will solve the problem of truancy and the lack of interest in going to school by some students.

Parents in Nauru are also excited about the scheme as this means security and stability for their children in the future.

“I fully support this policy because my kids will have savings in their accounts as my salaries will not always cater for them in the future,” Uepa said.

Formosa Scotty, an active member of the Nauruan community in Suva ,said the Nauruan community in Fiji welcomed the policy.

“We support the steps for development in Nauru especially to address the truancy rate and bring children back to the classroom,” Formosa said.

The scheme began in early March of this year after being approved and passed in Parliament.

The Nauru Government contributed the bulk of the trust fund together with contributions from the Australian government, The Asian Development Bank , and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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