Garden offices: A piece of paradise to work

In this day and age, stress and problems make their way into our everyday life. When it comes to work, we live loop-like, flavorless lives.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a piece of heaven on Earth, where we can breathe, stretch out and enjoy our money-making activities? You need a garden office.

A garden office for your company headquarters can be an incredibly more valuable value than you imagine:

  • It helps transform the harmful gases and chemical particles of the environment into nutrients thanks to their absorption, as well as reducing pollution. The plants reduce the presence of pollutants such as benzene, xylene, ammonia, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde, compounds common inside buildings and are believed to be the cause of the “sick building syndrome”.
  • They are highly ornamental, that is; In addition to helping the air, make the spaces appear more attractive, improving both the perception of the visitors and that of the employees towards the company. A great design can make for a luxurious space.
  • Improve the performance of your employees. The presence of plants reduces the stress and consequences of this, increasing our performance and favoring attention in daily activities. Plants generate a positive effect on people, helping to maintain good spirits and encourage patience.
  • It facilitates interpersonal relationships in the work space since in a simple and natural way; gardens influence our mood improving our mood and provide an alternative space for meetings or teamwork. The plants reduce the sounds, as they drown them, especially in closed places, this helps to increase the level of concentration and compression.
  • They increase the quality of our senses. They increase the humidity of the air; That is, they hydrate the mucous membranes, throat and skin, thus preventing diseases. They are aromatic, so they give the home a pleasant and relaxing smell.

Building your own

When it comes to garden offices, options are unlimited, but prices can be too. Instead of trying to make it impressive and maze-like, make sure you make it functional instead. There are three basic styles you should keep your head out for.

Readymade/pre-built — A garden office ‘pod’ manufactured to fit a certain specification

Modular — An office that can be moved around or have items added/removed.

Tailor-made — A unique garden office designed by the architect and yourself, where creativity is really the limit.


Obviously, offices that have a specific design and do not get modifications are cheaper. When the design is particular, the materials are special, and certain alterations are needed, prices will rise. The pre-built office is the cheaper kind, and if you are looking to focus more on productivity, it is the right choice for you.

Instead, if you meet with clients, want to grow your following or are very open to the public, an architect-designed office has an infinite spectrum of design, size and material choices.

What is really important is making sure the garden office is the right space for you, as well as the size and functionality of it. This will save money on maintenance, heating and air conditioning.

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