Importance of Digital Marketing in the Education sector

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Digital Marketing is kind of a buzzword in the scenario of many streams currently. But is it such a great tool or is it just like any other overvalued technical piece? To understand this let’s first see what is this thing.

Wikipedia defines Digital Marketing in the following way:

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

So now you can see why the importance of Digital Media is hyped so much!
Internet and online-based technologies such as computers and mobile phones have grown exponentially. It has built a great audience for everyone.

  • 90% of the world’s data was generated within the past two years alone.
  • 5 billion people in the world own a mobile device.
  • 2.65 billion people in the world use social media.

How will it help the Education Sector though?

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Today, the most usage of this ever-growing technology is done by the young generation. And the basic understanding of digital tools has been spread to a very noticeable chunk of audience.

Gone are the days when people didn’t think much about the Educational facilities and admitted their children to the nearest schools or colleges available. Nowadays people are more knowledgable and aware of the fact that how important it is for any child to grow with the best education possible.

And also, gone are the days when Parents sat down with the family to browse through newspapers and magazines for searching the right Educational Institute for their children. Everyone has easy access to the digital means of discovery and it is much easier to surf through a lot of data in very little time.

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This is where the Educational Institutes should see the great chance they have received in convincing people to opt for their facilities. There’s a huge opportunity for the institutes with relatively very fewer efforts in terms of time and budget.

Let’s see why Digital Marketing can prove to have an Upper Hand over Traditional Marketing


As seen earlier, the reach of technology has grown wider than ever. Almost every household has a means of the digital medium at hand nowadays. This makes it perfect for Digital Marketing to increase its reach to almost everyone. Hence, Educational Institutes can benefit a lot from this in increasing their brand awareness and public trust.


This is the most important feature of Digital Marketing which can help the Education sector a lot. The institutes can track interactions by the parents or students on their ads and communicate accordingly. Right actions taken at the right time can help to get a lot better results.


Digital Marketing provides a very easy and intuitive layout for the users to work on. The live results and analysis make it very reliable in terms of achieving the marketing goals as the user can change the Ads to work better based on the analysis and the changes take place in no time as opposed to the traditional methods of marketing where the Advertiser has no ideas about the effectiveness of the Ads until the entire campaign has been completed.


There is plenty of options available when one wants to choose a type of Digital Marketing media such as Emails, Social Media, and others. The right combination of these mediums always seems to work amazingly for the Advertisers. Here is the analysis of one question for a survey related to Digital Marketing which gives a little insight into these options available:

Part of a Survey from OST Constant Contact Report

Last but not least is this awesome feature of Digital Marketing where the Advertisers get to choose the audience they wish to target for their specific Campaigns. Think of how wasteful it is to spend money on Ads shown to the people who definitely will not want to do anything with the services you offer. Like a Senior College student would not want to do anything with the Ads for your Junior College Admissions.

Targeting a specific audience helps you preserve the resources and cost, and use it on the right people which will further grow up to be a valuable acquisition.


So, it is very clear from the current scenario that Education Sector can profit a lot from the Digital Marketing medium. The perfect use of this tool can grow up to be a great benefit for any institute that wants to grow its brand awareness and trust amongst the parents and students.

“In the time it took you to read this sentence 20m emails have been sent.”
John Watton

That is the power of Digital Marketing!
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