Covid-19 is your brain telling you that you are freezing yet your body telling you that you are comfortable. COVID-19 is your body jittery with shakes yet your mind is just fine even heightened like being high. COVID-19 is like by the time you have 10 seconds of one thought you are completely distracted wondering if that tree in the yard was always there and maybe you just never noticed or maybe that tree really isn’t right there right now. And then the jitters and shakes come back and remind you who’s in charge right now COVID-19 … didn’t we just figure this out? Why am I back to worrying if I’m actually cold or hot. The thermometer reads 97.9. The never ending merry-go-round. This is COVID-19 the little thing inside of me that I have to reason with in order we both live.

Thanks Facebook, IG, Twitter, it was a wild ride and we’ve been through this before but now you are deleted as of 10 minutes ago. IG you were stubborn, I had to download delete and redownload you to make you disappear.

Immediately so excited to be able to remove these icons from my iphone I also remove some other never used apps, then rearrange my home screen. Next I open Apple Music and actually take the time to pic some good songs and organize them into a playlist while I write this.

I was reminded today during our enormous and…

What exactly does ‘close the mountains mean?’

By March 1, 2020 I was more than moderately concerned about what the Coronavirus could potentially do to our comfortable existence in the central Colorado mountains. The mountain communities of Colorado are home to the World’s greatest and most inviting ski resorts. Every season gets busier and busier with tourists from all over the world combining with people who live here full time participating in the abundance of outdoor leisure, in particular, skiing.

The ski resorts are like a cruise ship.

When purchasing a log home or when deciding what maintenance or log restoration should be done to your cabin, there are several things to inspect and look for. Look for log rot which which shows insufficient sealant or chinking between the logs, look at the overall stain application and whether or not stain has been applied at regular intervals and look for checks (cracks in the logs). Log Home Finishing performs log home inspections all over Colorado and below are some examples of things that we have discovered while inspecting log homes.

Rotting Logs on Log Cabin

Pictured above, the logs are beginning to rot…

The Great Storm of 2019 was a week long event in the mountains of Colorado that began on Friday March 1, 2019 and lasted through Saturday March 9, 2019. The High Country Mountains of Summit County and Park County Colorado received around 8’ of snow during this period of continuous snow.

Hoosier Pass as seen from DJI Inspire 2 Drone

During this period of The Great Storm, roads including I-70 were shut down for extended periods of time due to adverse driving conditions, multiple accidents, and avalanches. The Colorado mountains are scarred from avalanches that have always occurred, but during this period, approximately 300 avalanches were recorded in the…

Better Photography is about getting out of our comfort zone. To make good photographs we can not just keep doing the same thing in the same comfortable place. Go to the top of the mountain, down the longest valley, and go into the cold and the dark and a creative light will shine upon you.

Wisdom in the Cold and Dark

It’s not just our photos that improve when we go out into the cold and dark, but our creative wisdom improves. A light shines on us when we get out of our comfort zone. They call it a ‘creative spark’ because like a bright idea…

I was making photographs on 16th Street Mall, Denver when I met a fellow photographer, Devin, in one of the many alleys that are decorated with graffiti and other street art. We briefly chatted and he gave me his business card which had his Instagram so that we can keep in contact.

I made the image below that evening. The ‘Y’ in yours flashes on and off and subsequently either reads ‘ours’ or ‘yours’. Image made with Canon EOS-R.

16th Street Mall Denver Alley art and Grafitti

2 days later I decided to head off to historic St Elmo, Colorado an abandoned mining Ghost town from the late…

I’m Not a Piece of Art

On a trip to Tucson, Arizona I was out enjoying a day of street photography, when this femal music artist subject announced to me: “I’m not a piece of art”! She also asked me first for a dollar since I took her picture. I explained that “oh I just take pictures for free”. She looked baffled.

The conversation went on briefly and I explained that anyone can take a picture of anything or anyone they want without asking permission. She countered with “well I can smash your camera then if I want”.

Street Photography…

Best Stain for Log Home Cabin

Oil based stain vs water based stain, the great debate. Log Home Finishing applies both oil based and water based finishes. As a professional log home finisher, we know of the popularity of water based stain but prefer oil based when choosing a stain for a log home cabin.

Log Home Finishing prefers oil based stain on our log home maintenance and log restoration projects in Colorado. Oil based finish soaks into the logs much more compared to water based finish offering more protection. …

Colorado log home maintenance

Log Home Maintenance

Log Home Finishing in Colorado involves constant maintenance of your chosen log home finish.

Many log homes that Log Home Finishing inspects have never been properly sealed. Chinking is the sealing between the logs, we use Sashco Log Jam chinking or Conceal textured caulk. Chinking log homes helps to preserve the stain above and beyond any other benefit. Having the gasket seal of chinking is crucial to achieving advertised stain performance.

In Colorado, many log homes are in remote locations, and finding a contractor like Log home Finishing may not be that easy. Log…

420 Photography

420 Photography explorations in Arizona and Colorado. Old cabins, mountains, streets. 420 has many meanings, and I use 420 to mean having fun!

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