SAP Business One Add-on for Poultry Industry

LogicalDNA poultry software based on SAP Business One is complemented with good poultry management software; it offers great potential for the poultry industries. Our poultry management system focus on egg production (broiler farm), chicken breeding (breeder), meat production (market ready broiler) and many more.

It must be noted, too, that unlike other business software solutions that deal with inanimate objects, software Poultry Farm Management for poultry business will have to take into consideration live animals. This, the business relies on a high level of manual monitoring and observation.

Current Challenges:

Disconnected Systems and inconsistent data: Poultry Industry is spread across branches and lacks centralized easily accessible data collection system

Flexibility in Rearing Charges: Rearing charges calculation as per scheme and scheme analysis for performance and profit is missing

On field data collection: Its very critical that daily transactions data collection is done real time and on field data like mortality and feed consumption should be accurate

Real time monitoring for FCR, BPI and other KPIs: Bird weight is very sensitive and continuous monitoring and alerts are required for mortality, FCR and other factor KPI deviations

Production cost calculation: Calculation CBF production cost is the most crucial part if this is not accurate entire business figures goes for a toss

Order Management and Lifting: Trader order management is very dynamic as rates are defined post order confirmation. Lifting of the chicks also needs to be monitored and actual data needs to be captured for weight and DC


Integrated Data Flow: Due to single integrated system same data flow throughout the system

Accurate Production Costing: The cost of material received will be directly loaded on material with cost of labor, electricity, water etc.

Resource Optimization: Labor, machine and tools can be used to their optimal level due to better management/ scheduling of production order, payments, deliveries etc.

Better Decision Making: Taking better decision making due to availability of real time data and reports

Stock Reduction: Lesser inventory carrying cost by maintaining optimal inventory level.

Managing Growth: SAP is scalable with the company and will support the company in longer run.

Alert/Approval: Alert & approval (SMS / email) for particular event to concern person on designated mobile / tablets.

Expiry Tracking: Expiry of raw Material & finished goods can be tracked easily. This makes organization to utilize every possible inventory item or product before it expires

Easily Customizable: With easy to use customization tools SAP Business One can be flexibly tailored and extended to meet your specific business needs

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About LogicalDNA:

Founded in 2008 by Sagar Godbole, LogicalDNA is your destination for software solutions that are practical and based on impacable technology. LogicalDNA started as a software services company but always had a goal of having its well defined product segments and till date we have achieved the same by delivering LogicalCRM, LogicalTracks. These will be followed by many more products to come.

LogicalDNA currently has 4 segments

•Products — LogicalBMS, LogicalTracks, LogicalExpenses

•Product development partners and software services

•SAP Business One — SAP Business One Partner

•Infrastructure services

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