SAP Business One for Dairy Industry

SAP Business One for Dairy Industry

Dairy industry faces unique challenges due to sensitive shelf life of its products. Manufacturers with massive yearly turnover face the challenge of not having a standard solution to supervise their business. They find it difficult to manage milk’s quality control at multiple levels of processing, calculate rates based on quality and quantity, handle order processing, and track activities from procurement to delivery of milk. Businesses are looking for a solution that automates connected processes and integrates them seamlessly with the existing set-up.

Key Features:

· The solution takes care of accurate supply chain management, from procurement of raw milk to delivery of products to customers. It supports dynamic pricing based on FAT/SNF

· With the financial integration module, handling invoices, bills and other banking details becomes effortless.

· It simplifies complicated calculations, such as incentives calculation to suppliers/farmers and milk gain/loss during transportation.

· The system supports integration of smart devices, MS Outlook and spreadsheets, smoothing communications and alert management.

· Industry Specific — with the flexibility to meet unique needs

· Highly scalable with 80–85 % of the daily business processes pre-embedded

· Affordable, with predictable time to value

· Comprehensive and robust with a unified view of business

· Replication of solution gives a 100 % security for project success

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About LogicalDNA:

Founded in 2008 by Sagar Godbole, LogicalDNA is your destination for software solutions that are practical and based on impeccable technology. LogicalDNA offers innovative and cost effective SAP Solution for the Dairy industry is a packaged solution for the dairy industry which is effective and affordable for organizations looking for a world-class solution tailored for their industry with the option of fast implementations. It improves efficiency, reducing inventory for longer shelf-life products.

Our customize SAP solution for dairy industry is approach order processing and shipping to invoicing and accounts receivable, are now much more transparent and traceable than before. That saves us a lot of valuable working hours.

Our dairy management system covers the milk production process — from raw milk procurement to processing the finished products and distributing to wholesalers and retailers — including innovative planning and controlling instruments.

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