I am an obliger, which means I do things to meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet my own expectations.

In other words, obliged are motivated by external accountability; they wake up and think, “What must I do today?” I realised that I am an obliger, because when Sahil Khan said that I had to correct the papers before 2 PM, I stopped eating and sleeping just to maintain that accountability. They need deadlines even for things that they want to do.

In the least amount of words — I need something external to make me accountable — it could be a person or an event.

This is my weakness, now I will convert it into my strength. I will decide by goals, decide the date till which I will acheive those goals and I will create a massive external accountability for that goal.

I am scared of setting up the following goal as I will actually start working towards it. But I should set it up. That’s just the only thing I need to do. Then, I will automatically set it up.

Goal: I will get to 8% body fat — a very good physique
Date: 31 December 2017
External accountability: Register and pay for a very costly semi-nude photoshoot with an insanely cool photographer today.
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