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When private school costs $15k, and they give poor people a $6k credit, that’s not giving them choice. They don’t have the other $9k, so they are stuck in the public school. Meanwhile, wealthy families that were already planning on sending their kids to a $40k prep school, they just saved $6k! It’s a subsidy for people wealthy enough to have the choice already. And this private-education-welfare is paid for by removing funds from the public schools. Private schools can increase their enrollment by lowering tuition or improving service, our government should not be helping them with handouts. 47% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, this doesn’t give them any more choice, it just robs their school of funds.

I worked at a private high school that cost over $40k, and I don’t think that should have been an option for poor kids. We don’t all fly first class. It’s a premium price and if you can pay it and choose to then great! But if you can’t pay it, like the majority of american families, there should be adequate public schools. Subsidizing the wealthy folk’s tuition at the expense of the public education destroys that. YOUR comment is nonsense and saying that people who can’t afford public education will “run to it” is missing the reality of the situation, in an very unsurprisingly idealistic libertarian way of thinking. I can’t find a school for under $12k in my area. There are ideals and reality, your head is in the clouds with this theory that poor people will flock to private ed.

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