Public services, such as public health supply chains, in low- and middle-income countries can be characterized as low-resource environments, where both infrastructure and human capacity are limited. There is no strong culture of data recording or use, with ad hoc reporting practices, poor planning and lack of coordination. All these lead to poor supply chain performance, thereby restricting access to medicines, and eventually resulting in poorer health and mortality.

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Health workers at a Primary Healthcare Center in a village

We recently presented a paper at ACM COMPASS (Computing and Sustainable Societies) in which we describe the ground-up design of Logistimo SCM, a supply chain management software, offered as a service…

Logistimo is a fully mobile-enabled platform for supply chain management that enables a country to optimize supply chain performance across their network, from first-mile until the last-mile, and achieve optimal service quality. It enables inventory management, order management, demand forecasting, inventory optimization, remote temperature monitoring (for cold-chains) and transportation logistics management. This platform is already being used at scale in a few low- and middle-income countries in public health supply chains spanning immunization, essential drugs, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, and so on. The crisis due to COVID-19 has posed a real challenge for the COVID-19 supplies, given high demand…

Logistimo India Pvt. Ltd.

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