Being a “Housewife”

Before I got married I worked over-time instead of full-time, I knew how to balance my work and my personal life so it was never affected by work. When I got engaged my husband always complained why I worked 4, 16 hour shifts on my weekend to work. I told him I have to be here regardless what’s the harm? He didn’t like it, but supported my decision anyway.

When I got married I moved about an hour and a half from where I used to live. I got a job Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. JOY! I hated sitting behind a desk I needed to move and do physical work. So I found something that suited me better. I worked there until I found out I was pregnant, and my doctor put me on light duty the note said “NOT even A GALLON of milk to be lifted, until delivery.” Fun, I know. So my supervisor told me if I couldn’t do the work I couldn’t be there, so I quit in March.

Since March I have been at home. I gave birth in June and had a beautiful baby boy. My husband took a few weeks off with me but eventually went to work again. I’m still home. I get up at night to feed the baby, wake up early morning to make my husband lunch, coffee, set his clothes out, feed the baby and change him, and see my husband off to work.

Then I do some laundry if there is any, which there ALWAYS is. I prepare for dinner, and do some shopping for items we need. I come home and the prep I set for dinner I start on it. My husband then comes home we eat, I wash the dishes, we drink coffee and spend some time together or with family and friends. We are always busy.

He once made a joking comment that I don’t do anything but sleep, my blood was boiling. So one morning when he went to work, I didn’t do any of the things I normally do except care for my baby. When he came home, he asked what was for dinner. I said nothing. He looked shocked. He then looked around the house saw the mess, the clothes, the sink full of dirty dishes, wrapped diapers by the trash can. He asked if I was ok, I said yeah of course I just didn’t want to make you out a liar so I actually did NOTHING today and slept. His face went PALE! He stuttered for a minute, and then apologized. He said “ I didn’t realize how much you do in a days work, because I don’t think it gets that messy or there is much to do, I am so sorry baby.” I smiled. I’m glad I got my point across.

Being a “HOUSEWIFE” is A LOT of work, mentally and physically, and “housewives” DO NOT get PAID for ANY OF IT!!! So next time someone you know says “just a housewife, or stay at home mom,” please correct them, these are human beings who make sure everyone else is taken care of before them selves and hardly any of them get recognition and appreciation for it. So make sure you thank you housewife for all the great work she does.