LogoDesignCafe: Macs With Colorful Touch Bar

The new MacBook Pro models from Apple come with a new interactive button bar.

From a distance, the new Mac notebooks from Apple look almost as before — a bit thinner, but otherwise clear as MacBook Pro machines. On closer inspection, the main innovation is revealed: the so-called touch bar. This is a mini-screen in OLED technology, which is sensitive to touch. It replaces the existing function key bar.

The operating system and many apps can outsource functions to the touch bar. For example, when you chat, you can find Emojis faster and the Djay app can even scratch on the touch bar. If you press F1 on the keyboard, the normal function buttons will appear. According to Apple, they wanted to make their computer not completely touch sensitive and instead improve the operation. After initial reports from users, this seems to succeed.

A bargain are the new Macs but not really. Even the entry price is steep, who wants something more — such as larger memory or better graphics — also pays even juicy extracts.

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