Anonymous Issue — Android Mobile Apps Tracking Your Every Move

In this modern age of technology, we all have a concern for privacy and security of our personal data. Many of us use anonymous identities to conduct our research or encrypt our communications whereas others are using android mobile apps such as proxies, IP changers, and other firewalls to maintain a safety net from the malicious agents operating over the internet.

What if we told you that many government agencies are working with app developers to create backdoors into the programs that will allow them to track you?

To be more specific, they are embedding beacons in the programming to pick up sounds around you that can be used to track you.

Marketing agencies are becoming a part of this privacy hack by incorporating ultrasonic audio signals into their advertisements. These sounds are picked up by android mobile apps and then used by analytical algorithms to pinpoint your exact location. These ultrasounds are inaudible to the human ear and through the creation of varying sound signals for different geographical locations, it is possible to determine your location to a highly accurate degree.

Any of the mobile devices with a microphone can be used for this purpose. This means that each and every one of us who owns a smartphone with android mobile apps is potentially vulnerable to these emerging threats. Imagine the amount of control the authorities would have over you. You can say that it doesn’t affect you individually or that only the criminal minded should be worried, but, isn’t this a breach of your personal space?

Privacy is one of the basic human rights, recognized by the UN declaration of the human rights, the international covenant on political and civil rights, and in various other regional and international treaties. The right to privacy fortifies many key values such as human dignity, freedom of speech and freedom of association. Android mobile apps should not be allowed to develop such frameworks and we should all protest against such acts.
 For now, the app developers say that tracking features would not be activated unless the app is actually running. They also say that these tracking features along with the audio embedded advertisements are being used to help them understand the impact of marketing but who knows if tomorrow they decide to update the app design to enable the tracking function in the background?

Many of the leading global organizations such as McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme are said to be one of the many businesses using these intrusive marketing tactics. You can protect yourself by downloading only the android mobile apps you absolutely cannot live without. Applications that request for permissions to your camera, contacts and media files should be avoided.

Without privacy, there is no point in being an individual.