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Nov 4, 2019 · 6 min read


Logo Liberty helps businesses build their brand and their image through design. We are focused on giving you something unique and memorable that your audiences will be attentive to. At Logoliberty we don’t just create logos that represent your identity to the world but we also give you so much more.


Logoliberty creates original designs and artwork for you that are affordable and creative. Whether you are a small company or a big brand, we cater to your individual needs. Our goal is to help you engage your customers and you will not have to break the bank for it. The promises we make to you are always acted upon, no matter what kind of service we provide. Whether it is a logo design, animation or app development, we always think of your benefit.

Our Speciality:-

One of our specialties is an animated logo design, which has proven successful when trying to get more attention to your business. If you need a custom animated logo, Logoliberty will create an innovative artwork within a few days so you have time to consider your options. We are not just a business that cares about getting your money: but we want to promote your business in the best way. Your logos and animations will be carefully designed by creative and passionate minds who have a unique perspective on each business model. Logoliberty never fails to give your brand the attention it deserves which makes our services unparalleled.

Our Identification:-

We Love To Hear From You:-

At Logo Liberty, We love to hear words from our clients for our work as it provides us the ability to produce our best and it also helps us in making the right decisions for our client satisfaction which increases our productivity.

Clients Reviews About Our Services and their Satisfaction:-

Many of our clients comment and give their reviews on our site which really encourages us with our dedication and it also helps in building up healthy relations with our clients which enables us in providing them satisfaction. Some of our Clients reviewed our work, on which some of them are as follows:-

Micheal Brandon (Head Of Brand Marketing) Says:-

Micheal Brandon (Head of Marketing)

“Logo Liberty gives you a custom-made logo design service in which they do everything for you. Even if you do not know what kind of design you want for your logo, the designers at Logoliberty go out of their way to give you a range of options. They are highly motivated and talented and do not cut any corners when dealing with a project. All their designs and artwork are fresh and new and they gave me many great logos over the years for my businesses. They brainstorm ideas with you and ask questions about your brand and then create a completely new logo from the ground up based on your preferences. I enjoyed the design process thoroughly as they took my input and included me in the creation of my logo in every way. There was no issue of irrelevance or a copied design: I received an original logo that my customers loved.”

Silvia James (Business Owner) Said:-

Silvia James (Business Owner)

“The best part about working with Logo Liberty is that it is a pressure-free zone. There was no stress on me to choose a design format immediately nor did they rush me so the job could get done quickly. I had a lot of things to think about when selecting my law firm’s new logo, such as the tone and colors. It was a tiring process but Logoliberty did not push me at all and helped me figure out what kind of logo I wanted. Once I had seen a few presets I was completely satisfied with the direction and methodology of the designers. There were some designs that I did not care for and Logo Liberty was very cooperative and took my constructive criticism well. They had a long talk with me to find out what I did not like and made sure it was not repeated later. Amazing job, guys!”

Rodney Clark (Businessman) has said:-

Rodney Clark (Businessman)

“The team at Logo Liberty created a high quality animated design for my logo that I am very pleased with. All the internal feedback I gave them during the designing process was taken into account and they provided me with great options that featured my requests. I was kind of expecting a less seamless process but they were patient and supportive throughout this project and captured the vision of my brand well. The designers Logoliberty provided were fully committed to creating a quality animation that would catch the eye of my customers. In addition to the collaborative process, they also introduced some interesting new ideas about how I could change my logo and brand image. The designers were all intuitive to my demands and gave me more than what I asked for. The final output was absolutely exceptional and I would hire Logoliberty for their services again if I need another design in the future.”

David Watson (Manager Operations) says:-

David Watson (Manager Operations)

“Logo Liberty gave me an easy and effective way to maintain my site. I had a site launched for an online store catered to children a year ago but it was not bringing in any customers. When I talked to one of the web designers at Logo Liberty he said that they could design an entirely new site from scratch. At first, I was skeptical because it sounded like a lot of work and money but they assured me that it would be done timely and properly. Logoliberty gave me a state of the art site design which was a hundred times better than my old one. Not only that, but the pricing was so reasonable that I was kind of shocked. I was so pleased with their work that I gave them charge of my stationery design as well and they worked on that with the same passion and gave me some great results. Thanks!

Logo Liberty

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Logo Liberty is a professional logo designing firm which is based in Newark NJ USA. We are delicately work for our clients for building up their brand identity.

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