Are you bootstrapping a business and you need a logo? Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a designer to do that for you, here are 3 possible ways to get yourself a professional logo design within your budget.

Option 1 — Find yourself some nice references and ask a friend to design for you

Money: $$$
Time: Slow

Yeah obviously it is not the best option, as not everyone of us has a friend who can take minimum pay to design a logo for you. But if you do, please find logo references before asking so that your designer friend would have a more peaceful mind.

But where to find logo inspiration?

Christmas is coming. I believe most founders are busying to wrap up their fruitful 2017. But before the vacation begins, don’t forget to share the joy with your clients. By using the resources included in this list, you can create good-looking emails, website headers, greeting cards and more.

1. Brush font

Using a brush font can give you a personal touch on your words. Use it and keep your words simple. It is definitely better than your system font.

Wildwest — Display Fonts by trustha

2. Christmas cards, elements & patterns

It’s almost 2018. Starting a business nowadays is much easier. With lots of online tools and resources, founders can focus more on their own business, rather than like …building a website or designing a logo. No matter you are bootstrapping your business or having an all-star team onboard, I hope the following list would help you get started much easier.

Brainstorm a business name

Thinking of a business name is hard. Thinking of a business name that has not been registered is even harder. The following website helps generate business name ideas based on a keyword AND their domain availabilities. …

Starting a business is much easier nowadays. With lots of online tools, business founders can get whatever resources they need in a much cheaper cost and in a much shorter time.

Every business needs a logo. It represents your brand and identity. It is so important that founders are scratching their heads to find the best designers in town to help design their logos. However, good designer is always a scarce resource. It means as a business founder, you might need to wait for weeks to see your business logo. And it might cost you a decent amount of money…


Official Medium account of — a logo maker for business founders

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