LogoNation: A Leader In Community-Oriented Advertising

When the majority of your customer base is within your local community, it is best to focus your marketing efforts so that they can be well targeted towards where attracting new customers. In planning your marketing strategies, finding a company that knows how to leverage community-oriented advertising should be a priority, especially if you want to have a strong local following.

Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in these kinds of marketing programs. LogoNation is one of the most respected specialty advertising agencies offering community-centered marketing programs. Their flagship program known as the Original CommuniTee is one of the best of its kind, featuring an annual community promotion shirt that is specifically designed to encourage community spirit and promote business pride within companies and businesses, big or small, in different towns throughout the United States.

LogoNation’s initiative has already reached more than 1000 towns in more than 25 different states in the U.S., and it continues to expand as many are attracted the great concept driving the t-shirt program. As the company continues to introduce more towns to the many unique benefits of their CommuniTee program, they are also raising awareness about the importance of growing and caring for local client bases and their significance in keeping local businesses alive and thriving.

Their program allows local businesses to sponsor colorful advertisements on the back of a CommuniTee, while the front of the shirt showcases a design that uniquely represents what the town is best known for. This fosters community belongingness and solidarity, while making people aware of the types of businesses that exist within their locality. Each business has the opportunity to place a logo-based ad within a small town scene that is featured at the back of each shirt. The scene is updated on an annual basis to accommodate new businesses joining the family of local companies participating in the program.


Founded in 1998, LogoNation provides a variety of promotional products for businesses including key chains, magnets, pens and pencils, hats, and more; as well as the CommuniTee, a grassroots specialty advertising program that allows community businesses to reserve ad space on the back of a custom-designed, community-specific t-shirt.