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Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

A Nicaragua-based solar company will leverage investor support to bring light and power to rural areas across Central America.

Miami, FL, July 12, 2018 — Logos Capital, a global impact investment consulting firm, announced today that it has entered into an advisory agreement with Tecnosolucion, S.A. (TECNOSOL), a renewable energy company that provides electricity to families living off the grid across the Central American region. TECNOSOL is seeking growth capital to scale-up their business into new markets and capitalize on their existing pipeline in the region.

“This partnership with Logos Capital gives us sunny optimism to take our businesses to the next level by fulfilling the demand for rural off-grid needs as well as the growing on-grid market,” says veteran and electrical engineer Vladimir Delagneau, the President of TECNOSOL. “While rural electrification is proceeding rapidly across Central America, more than 20 percent of the population, mainly poor remote areas, don’t have access to electricity.”

TECNOSOL has been a pioneer for clean energy technologies in Nicaragua for over 15 years. Today, it is one of the largest solar companies in Central America with 17 branch offices in Nicaragua and subsidiaries in Honduras, Panama and El Salvador. They have strong brand recognition in the region, and a reputation for offering high quality solar products.

“We believe our strategic engagement with TECNOSOL will enable them to foster large-scale solar deployment and bring light and power to millions of homes,” said Silvio F. Pupo, Founder and CEO of Logos Capital. “As a company focused on impact investing, Logos Capital is constantly seeking to help our clients find opportunities for growth in implementing sustainable ecosystems with a positive social, economic and environmental impact.”

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Logos Capital catalyzes and accelerates impactful enterprises via global business development, mergers & acquisitions, investment and joint venture in public and private sectors. Primarily focused on impact investing in the U.S., Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, Logos Capital is based in Miami, FL and comprised of personnel from around the world.

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TECNOSOL, based in Nicaragua, is a renewable energy company dedicated to promoting the use of solar power. Its fundamental role is in the design, consultancy, supply, installation, training and maintenance of renewable energy equipment. It enables households to generate their own energy, replacing toxic and expensive sources of light and heat like kerosene, diesel, and wood. Founded in 1998, TECNOSOL now manages 17 regional branches serving extremely remote, rural areas — including branches in El Salvador, Honduras and Panama. The company imports the solar panels, stores, distributes and sells them, and provides after-sale maintenance and repairs.


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