Embellish Any Occasion With Embroidered Shirts

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word embroidery? If you are thinking of a little old lady in the corner stitching handmade flowers onto handkerchiefs, you have a misconception of exactly what embroidery is and what it can do. Embroidery can provide an instant endorsement for any entity. Embroidered golf shirts can signify both comfort and class.

Embroidery Appeal

Embroidery takes advantage of creativity and color. Embroidery thread is slightly thicker than normal thread. As such, it layers better and gives logos a soft smooth sheen and also embosses the fabric. Companies can use their creative logos and embroidery companies can use their talent to recreate them. Embroidery thread comes in an array of colors and can be died to match exact colors on embroidered shirts.

Professional Use

Traditionally, when you think of golf shirts, you may think of the sport. There is an anecdote that says that some of the most important deals have been negotiated on the golf course. Whether this anecdote is true or not, one of the most popular uses for embroidered golf shirts is for advertisement.

Having embroidery on a shirt is an excellent way toshowcase any business. These comfortable embroidered shirts are not only a great endorsement of any company, they are also versatile. They are not just made for the golf course, but also for the office and for going out.

Dress shirts are also a great canvas for logos. Embroidered dress shirts lend a classic, more formal appearance. Worn alone or with a suit jacket, these shirts are designed to stand out in the board room or any other formal occasion.

Professional Placement

Embroidery is eye catching, especially when it’s on a shirt. But the placement of a logo is more than an eye catcher; it is an exact science. Think of most of the shirts you’ve seen that have embroidered logos. Whether logos are major or miniscule, they generally have a specific placement. For most shirts, logos are located on the left side of the shirt, usually 3 to 5 inches from the center breastbone and approximately 6 to 9 inches from the top of the shoulder.

Yet logo placement is not limited to the classic left side placement. Modern logos take advantage of where it can catch the customer’s eye.

Promotional Products

When looking for promotional products, it is wise to be wary of the costs associated with the products. Many companies have a set minimum of products that must be ordered. The more products that are ordered, the lower the cost of the items tends to be, so whenever possible, bulk orders of these promotional products are favored over smaller individual orders.

Finally, beware of hidden fees. One particular fee is a setup fee. Setup fees for shirts can increase the price of an order exponentially.

Promotional products are available from many companies. However, not every company offers embroidered golf shirts. Most companies rely on imprinting shirts, which is less expensive but also lacks the quality that embroidery lends to any product. It’s always best to do research and find a company that will produce a quality product.