Donald Trump Is Ruining My Sex Life
Lisa Renee

Step right up folks for the ultimate battle of the end times. Interactive packed, premium front row seats for everyone. Congratulations, you got in before the curtain drop. Eros vs. Thanatos in the heavyweight finals, as never before seen on Earth. Huge. Watch 'em slug it out. The greatest smackdown showdown on Earth, bigger than Vegas, bigger than Wall Street. Fantastic, beautiful, huge. Eros is bruised and bloody, down for the count, exhausted. Smart money on Thanatos. Get involved as satanic death culture destroyers and crushers burn and bury Eros right before your very eyes. As mercenaries of the death wish gouge out your very eyes. Thrill as Thanatos drags Eros down for the knockout. Feel the immense power as your heart stops. No mercy. Blow life’s flame out. Glorious dark victory. Forever. Grrrrrrrr. Grab. Grab machismo! Grab greedily. Folks, this is a no money back, guaranteed easy bet, stupid wins for sure. You can’t miss it.

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