A Word On Healing.

A word on healing. The healing runs deep. It has to go deep.

You have to let go so badly. Let go of your expectations and what you thought it would be.

Know and understand that you can’t control a lot of things. Sometimes you can’t even control your mind (hello anxiety!)

Some words of advice:

Magic that heals #1:

Don’t use supplements as a crutch. They help. They aide. But they do not heal.

You cannot chug a bottle of aloe to shoo away the inflammation (tried it.)

You cannot put all of your hopes into Probiotics and L-Glutamine (tried it).

I’m giving you words of advice because I know how easy it is to become reliant and wish away your problems through a pile of supplements that promise to heal, fix, and kiss away the booboo.

It takes real work. Real, deep, hard work. I fell — sometimes barreled towards — supplements to heal. I put all of my trust and faith and fear in the supplements so that they finally, would be THE THING that once and for all stitched back all of my insecurities and fears.

They enhance. They help. But they do not fix you. Only you and the powers that be fix you.

You are not the pill + the solution you seek that will fix everything.

Magic that happens when you heal #2:

Do you notice the people that come into your life, strongly for about a year? You’re attached. They’re attached. It’s an emotional roller coaster. And then they’re gone. They have truly served their purpose.

The best thing about a life in transition — Sometimes anguish — will be the people that join with you. The people that you meet, the wonderful amazing people that come and go. The ones that stay. The ones you never thought you’d be friends with. The things you do with that group. How you incorporate life now.

It all changes, and it’s all so magical.

Did I think I would enjoy waking up at 7 am to meditate, journal, listen to a podcast then go to acupuncture? And then meet friends for a workout, for a walk and for a massage. I never thought I would revel in this so much. But I fucking love it. I embrace it.

I have met so many people that have come into my life — and some that have since gone.. Because they have to go. Because their sole purpose is to be there to help you and teach you something in that moment. And then their work is done, and your work as a friend couple is done. And just like that, poof, they’re gone. But their mark is there, and their name or presence will come up again in the future. But for now their business with you is taken care of.

It astounds me the people I welcome into my life now that I would have never embraced before. If you weren’t getting black out drunk with me, then I didn’t need you. But that was before.

Then, there’s the evergreen people. The friends you’ve had your whole life. The friends you will continue to have. It’s just that what you do with them is changing. Your attitudes change, your conversations change. They knew you from a past, they know you in the present and they’ll know you in the future.