Speed is the ultimate competitive weapon

Loic Le Meur
Luke Skywalker

“We’re going in full throttle. That ought to keep those fighters off our back.” — Luke Skywalker

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That was the key learning when I joined NFX Guild last year. We’re never going fast enough. James Currier keeps repeating it. Whatever your speed is, you’re not going fast enough. Watch Luke say it again in Star Wars.

Apps such as Whale or the now defunct Meerkat were designed and launched in a month.

The key is to set the time, not the output.

What can you do with your team in 3 months? In 2 months? In a month? In two weeks?

This is what Facebook looked like when it launched. It was far from a billion dollar company but enough to become one.

Speed is the ultimate competitive advantage.
-rapid product beats competition
-rapid results builds team morale which leads to more success
-rapid results generate more interest
-rapid results increases valuation

Startups win when they don’t get lost in politics, focus groups, usability studies, QA, endless debates, boards of directors, business development deals, budgeting processes, marketing plans, [add your own reason here].

I’m starting 2017 on this theme. I’m always too slow.

P.S. We’re almost sold out for our small Paris event on January 18th which is only a warm up for our new two-day Paris conference on April 11 and 12.

Happy new [fast] year! May the Force be with you.

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