Computer glasses can anti blue light

Computer glasses can anti blue light , but few people know Computer Glasses benefits, here has some tips to learn about computer glasses benefits:

So we know, Computer glasses in dubai ,USA, UK so popular.Computers have become part of people’s life nowadays, office, living information more and more inseparable from the computer, the computer bring us convenient also bring some harm to our health,. Screen of low frequency radiation and magnetic field, will lead to 7 to 19 kinds of disease, including itchy eyes, neck pain, temporary loss of memory, irritable, and depression. So we need a pair of glasses for computer useor Computer Goggles

How to make the computer radiation to minimize the harm of human body? Experts give some response tactics, available for reference,such as: Computer reading glasses or computer gaming glasses.

One, put a few cactus beside computer glasses. This plant can effectively absorb the computer radiation.

Second, drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea every morning. Tea is rich in vitamin A, not only can synthesis rhodopsin, eliminate the harm of computer radiation, also computer eyewear make the eyes see things more clearly under the dim light.

Three, surf the Internet to do skin care before segregation. After using the computer, will face many computer radiation particles, adsorption immediately with water washs a face, computer glasses anti blue light can reduce more than 70% by computer radiation.

Third, the Internet before doing skin care. After using the computer, will soon face a lot of computer radiation particles, adsorption with water, computer glasses anti-blue light can be reduced by more than 70% of computer radiation.

Fourth, the computer screen dedicated computer screen. To adjust the appropriate screen brightness, the greater the brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and smaller.

Fifth, buy as much as possible to use the new computer. At the same distance, the same type of case, the old computer generated by computer radiation is the new computer usually 1 ~ 2 times.

6, the appropriate location of the computer. Do not let the back of the screen toward the person as much as possible, because the back of the computer radiation is the strongest, followed by the left and right sides, the screen radiates the weakest front, but at least keep a distance of 50–75 cm.

Seventh, pay attention to indoor ventilation. Computer screen glasses can produce a bromine flower benzene and furan carcinogenic substances, placed in the computer room is best to install the exhaust fan, in particular, computer gaming glasses pay attention to ventilation time.

Eight, pay attention to eat more rich in vitamin A, C and protein foods. Such as carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, liver and other animals.

Nine, in the computer, it is necessary to put a few bananas on the table. Banana in the potassium can help the body to discharge excess salt, so that the body to achieve the balance of potassium and sodium; β-carotene large, can alleviate dry eye pain symptoms, avoid premature aging.So you need a pair of glasses computer to protect your eyes .

Finally, are you now finding the benefits of computer eyewear?