7 Simple Skills that Can Increase Your Freelancing Income Today

Do you want to ditch your freelancing career? Are you neither happy nor satisfied with your present financial situation? Are you demotivated because the famine leg of the feast-famine cycle always seems longer than the feast cycle?

Well, I have good news for you. You don’t have to quit.

Below are 7 quick tips that you can take advantage of and increase your freelancing income today.

1. Client Relationship Management

As a freelancer, whether you sell products or provide services, you first and foremost work with people either directly or indirectly. These clients are human and have feelings. Thus, apart from providing them with a service or product, you need to listen to them, relate with them and understand their needs. Do this and the clients will keep coming, enhance your reputation, and build your brand because they find value in your services.

2. Up-selling

It is rather obvious that if a business provides value to its customers, they will keep returning for more. Unfortunately, not all customers are aware of their business needs. Thus, one easy way of increasing your income streams is by proactively and honestly suggesting new or additional solutions that have a high likelihood of solving your clients’ problems.

3. Objective Spotting of Potential Risks

As a freelance contractor, you should always have a keen eye for things that may not have been part of your scope of work; but could possibly negatively affect your clients’ business. In my 10+ years as a business plan consultant, I have had to advice clients that certain business ideas they wanted to implement had very slim chances of seeing the light of day. While I may have chosen to turn the other way and write the business plan anyway, I chose the higher road of politely advising the clients and offering options of what the next steps would be — even when it meant missing out on their business. But the good news is that more than 90% of such clients either hired me for future projects or referred me to others … you too can do the same for clients.

4. Writing Skills

Businesses today more than ever are faced with various writing needs ranging from business e-mails, Concept Notes, Grant Proposal,s White Papers, PowerPoint presentations, Business Proposals, Business Plans, Web Content, etc. And they need it written well. While you may not have a university degree in journalism, simple skills such as clarity, proper spacing and grammar can go a long way in producing a clear, precise, thoughtful, and informative piece.

5. Interpersonal Skills

While interpersonal skills may not rank top in your list of strengths, it is a business skill that is currently in high demand by businesses. It is natural to want to do business with someone you like, trust, and are likely to end up in a mutually beneficial relationship with.

6. Dependability and Loyalty

In addition to trustworthiness, most people prefer to work with someone that is reliable and can be depended on. A Freelancer that meets or beats deadlines, is responsible, and of high integrity always gets repeat business.

7. Flexibility

While it is not practical to be available to your clients 24/7/365, they will always notice the freelancer who goes the extra mile for them.

Of course flexibility is probably one of the reasons you turned to a career in freelancing in the first place. So keep this in mind. Going out of your way as often as necessary is one sure way of standing out from the millions of competitors.

So ladies and gentlemen, there are the 7 simple tips. Make use of them and you are guaranteed to increase your freelancing income today.

Do you have other tips that have worked for you and you’d like to share with us? Kindly do so in the comments below.