Life according to Stacey McClean

Five things to note if you want to boost your social media profile; as told by this fashion icon, ex-S Club Junior and social media queen (and other things you may not already know).

Photo: Mark Barnfield

At the ripe old age of 26, Stacey McClean has done a lot more than most of us could ever dream of, a glittering pop career — six top ten hits with pop group S Club Juniors, a couple of sold-out stadium tours and singing at Wembley under her belt. There surely can’t be very many people who could put all that on their CV before the age of 18.

Stacey was brought up in Blackpool, Lancashire and is a family-centred girl, one of the hardest bits about being in a band so young “There were times when you would phone your Mum and be like ‘OK that’s it I don’t want to be a popstar any more’ but then the next day you’d be over it and it went back to being the best thing that ever happened to you again.”

Stacey with ex- S Club 7 member Bradley McIntosh Photo: Lois McKenzie

Despite the occasional loneliness, one could argue that, for an adolescent, being separated from loving parents may not be a wholly negative thing; absence makes the heart grow fonder (and all that), whereas daily contact with parents can breed dismissive contempt in so many adolescents. After all, hating one’s parents is positively de rigueur for the pubescent.

Since leaving S Club, Stacey has been recording, singing, writing and auditioning, along with a fairly successful stint on X-Factor in 2009.

“It really was an amazing experience, and I am very proud of how far I got, it was obviously absolutely devastating when I left, it was the most emotional thing I’ve ever done but I loved it. I met some amazing people who I still speak to now.” Typically, Stacey remains relentlessly upbeat about the whole thing, where she made it to the final 6 of the competition.

Would she go back? “I always said I wouldn’t ever do it again, but now I don’t know. I’m not going to say yes and I’m not going to say no.” Never say never!

These days the British beauty has gathered 30,000+ followers across her social networking sites and has become somewhat of a social media star and fashion icon.

“It’s totally weird being told, on an almost daily basis, that you’re seen as a fashion icon but I love sharing my life and what I wear on social media, so it’s nice to know people like what I post.”

Disarmingly modest, she attributes it to being in England’s capital, where she feels it’s easier to experiment.

“Being in London makes me braver with my fashion and it makes me think outside the box. In Blackpool, where I’m from, people play it safe, but in London you can do whatever you want and people will appreciate it as fashion, it’s one of the things I love most about London.”

Her already impressive and dedicated fan-base may have given her the jump start for her social media stardom but Stacey knows a thing or two about blogging success, she says: “I started a blog and got thousands of views a day. I shared personal stories such as my X-Factor experience or about when I suffered from Acne. Just things that I thought people might be interested in reading, things that could potentially help people or just to offer advice. I’m always blogging about affordable fashion and good quality make-up that isn’t a fortune too.”

Stacey shares five things she has learned from her social media habits:

1.On dressing for the season, and knowing what you like.

“My style definitely varies but I love dressing for the winter months and layering, I love leather trousers and big over-sized knits, chunky boots like Doc Martins. I’m a casual dresser and have quite a laid back style, so I look forward to the colder months because I prefer dressing for them. It’s important to know what suits you and what you like.”

2. On inspiration and where to find it:

“Even when you’re walking down the street in London, say, on Oxford Street. You see so many different styles, so many different outfits and that’s great inspiration, it’s things like that that make me experiment more and be open to different styles and that’s really what it’s all about”.

3. On where to shop:

“I like to shop on the highstreet, I love Topshop and Zara, I think it’s all about how you wear something, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It’s great to be able to say “It’s from Topshop” and then when someone asks it’s not hundreds and hundreds of pounds.”

4. On the content you post:

“My Instagram and twitter definitely aren’t all about fashion, I like to post photos of my family, my boyfriend and there are a lot of pictures of my dog! (laughs) But there are things I feel you shouldn’t share, special things that should be kept private.”
Stacey and the new star of her Instagram: Fenton the Frenchie (@fenton_thefrenchie)

5. On keeping up with it all:

I always take time out of my day to reply to comments and to always acknowledge fans. I’ll always post where my outfits and make-up are from and if I ever have my hair done or when I get hair extensions I’ll always credit wherever I can.

As for the future, this incredibly talented and super lovely lady’s career still holds many possibilities. “At the moment I’m between the North and the South but by the New Year I’ll be permanently in London. I’ve got some exciting things coming up and I’m keeping my options open, auditioning for theatre and singing as much as possible.”

Watch this space!

You can follow Stacey on Instagram: @cecemcclean and Twitter: @cecemcclean

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