How cross-team collaboration enabled overcoming the impact of the pandemic on user research

At Doctolib, we build our products and tools for and with our customers. What does that mean concretely? The user research team is continuously growing and currently composed of 7 members split between France and Germany and engages with Doctolib’s users on a daily basis to perform research globally. As part of the product design process, the goal of such exchanges is to uncover compelling insights about the needs and pains of our customers. …

5 Days | Ironhack UX-UI Design Bootcamp | Mid-fi prototyping

This is summer, you are 15 years old and your parents finally allowed you to go to this holiday camp that you have dreamt about. You are going to make new friends, practice a lot of sports and outdoor activities, and learn new things… all of this without your parents around! And if all of this was possible online? …

Final project of Ironhack UX-UI Bootcamp | 12 days working with a peer | Awarded Best UX Design & Best UI Design

Berlin, 15th of March 2020. All museums and exhibition halls are forced to close for an undetermined period of time because of unprecedented social distancing aiming at slowing down the global Corona-virus pandemic. More than ever, the digitalization of the museum’s patrimony appears as a priority for the future of culture and its institutions that strive for spreading it out universally, regardless of origin and socio-economic background.

For my final project at Ironhack UX-UI Design Bootcamp, I chose…

4 days | Hi-fi prototyping | Ironhack UX-UI Design Bootcamp

Corona-quarantine is leaving you locked down at home with your smartphone as the remaining device connecting you to the outside world. Yes, more than ever, your WhatsApp chat feed is exploding, packed with communications of all natures: friends and family checking on your health, bored acquaintances madly posting on hobby groups, work colleagues in home office struggling with video-conference systems, and even recently-converted smartphone users (never texted so much with your grandma?…).

What about a feature that helps you organise your WhatsApp feed?

At IronHack UX-UI Design Bootcamp, I had…

Loïs Warner

User researcher, passionate about cultural diversity and how technology improves human lives.

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