Hey baby, you wanna be my secretary?

I also want to give a big Fuck You to the guy that approached me on my graduation day from high school. It was a very special day for me, as I graduated at 16 years old, when in Belgium you normally only graduate at 18 years old. He said: “I admire the fact that you want to learn so many languages now you are graduated. When you master these, you can come by my dad’s office, which I will take over from him, and you can become my secretary instantly.”

And he really meant it: after he said it, he looked straight in my eyes (who were in shock “is this really happening? Really, your secretary?”) and he laid his hand on my hand. The train we were on stopped and at that very moment I pulled away while saying I have to get off here (which was totally not the case, but I rather walked than stay another second with such an ignorant person). When I turned away from the train he blinked at me — you know a cool wink like “bye baby”. I wanted to put my finger up to him, but I realized this would probably only make me more interesting for him as he might want to understand “the unpredictable female behaviour” often revered to as “hormones” or “she doesn’t know what she wants”, so I ignored him.

On the bright side, I knew I wouldn’t have any problem finding a job. Although, I also realized if I would want to be taken seriously, I would have to be smart and consider how I look so they won’t see just another pretty picture.