Irony of it All — Equal Pay Day (Lyrics)

Hello? Hello? My name’s Ivor, some call me a womanizer
Just because I like to put my eye on the freshest meat
Checking out girls isn’t disrespectful, it’s just neat
It’s the girl’s own choice if she wants to walk the streets
You earn best, doing what you do best
If they earn less than the blokes, it’s not sad, it’s just funny
It’s their own choice wanting to be more than a bunny
Who cares about her brains when she looks good?
All she wants anyway is to feel some real manhood

Eh hello! My name’s Carla and I’m a girl,
In the eyes of society I need to be neat most of the time
That’s how I show I got it all figured out
This ain’t right
Just because my body’s right, doesn’t mean I can’t fight
I pose a threat to the men-nation
And down the station the blokes hold no patience
Let’s talk space and time
I like to get deep sometimes and think about Einstein
Pass the National Geographic, please
Yeah, I’m walking on a thin line
Although I look mighty fine, also my thoughts are sublime
And to the men’s world it seems like a crime
Dear Leaders, please consider women as equal for these reasons

Women equal rights, that’s cute
You’d get paid the same as I do, if only you could
Don’t interrupt me, you should’ve listened better to your father, 
You really should
As I was saying, I love women
I had a girl once, made me feel like a true man
Until she wanted to get married and settle down
I said calm down now, you only want a crown
And when you splurged all my money, you’ll be packed and gone at dawn
I’d be married to a frown

Now that’s a very one sided view on the characteristics of a female, don’t you think?
Are you aware that more women than males graduate nowadays at some universities?
And that the greatest indication of wealth, safety and stability,
Is the status of women in one’s own country?
Allowing women to equally participate in the global economy, 
Will make all inhabitants of our planet more wealthy
As Warren Buffet once stated in our glorious nation,
He got so far, inter alia, because he was competing with 
Only half of the population
One in two people, placed in an imaginary household cage
If you hire a woman instead of a man, 
You get the same brains for a lower wage
Of the +195 countries in the world only 22 are led by women
The full potential of half of society’s left out, it’s a disgrace
I hate to break it to ya
The world is still run by men
It’s not going all that well

You have no idea what you’re saying, it’s going perfectly swell
Better than ever
Female voting rights and all, all equal
Girls always complaining about everything, being feminist and all
Hormone driven talk, I’ll say
A bloke who believes all your crap, is surely gay
All this man-hating talk is scaring your boyfriends away
You probably just need some babies and you’ll be okay
Don’t miss that window of opportunity, though
I hear your biological clock tic-toc-tic-king away
And at the end of the day, you’re only happy if things go your way

My way? You mean a better world for all
Where wives, mothers, girlfriends participate, 
Will be a world of peace
All most men do is fight things out
When more women will lead 
Girls can dream of becoming the president 
And dads can stay at home taking care of their children 
Without losing their masculinity
What is masculinity anyway?

I’ll introduce you to the full force of my masculinity
If you won’t shut up and just stand here looking pretty
But I appreciate your skill of tongue, 
It might come in handy in the long run
You big mouthed kitty, I’ll hire you! I need a new secretary!