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The cover for my ambient EP, Testing Sounds.

It’s not as hard as it seems

Last year, I decided to learn how to create music using my computer. I’m an amateur guitarist (sort of) and didn’t know anything about music production, so I set off to learn what I could in my spare time. There are two articles on Medium where I talk about how it was (here and here). I’m still learning stuff, and the process has been incredibly fun and fulfilling.

However, I don’t expect to become a celebrity or to live off music, but it’s nice to know that something I created for myself is floating around the internet, with people occasionally listening to it. So, I decided to briefly talk about how I released my songs. My articles about learning to create lo-fi music got somewhat popular — for someone who doesn’t write for a living — so I figured this information might be useful for other aspiring bedroom musicians/composers/producers. …



Loves video games, music, and short stories.

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