Exploring Greenpoint like a Loke

One of the best parts about a big city like NYC is that every neighborhood is so different and unique. The best way to explore a new neighborhood is just by walking around. So, with the help of our loyal Lokes, we explored the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn with Duan (@duanmackenzie).

Hi Duan, tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! I’m Duan and I’ve been living in NYC for just over 3 years now! As you will notice, I use a lot of exclamation points because I’m not entirely sure how they work, and also I am a very excitable person. I live in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and it’s honestly the best. I make a living modeling — how on earth, I have NO idea. My hobbies include vlogging and photography. Considering I am still pretty much a newb to this city and I try to vlog and take pictures as much as possible, I LIVE for exploring. Now that’s enough about me I guess. Recently I decided to take on the app to explore the adjoining neighborhood of Greenpoint with a Loke. If you’d like to follow me on my adventure, keep reading!

Alright, you kept reading! I’m glad you’ve decided to come along with me in Greenpoint through some words and real life imagery! Now let’s begin our adventure. Okay the engine is starting. And by engine I mean the cool kicks on your feet because WE ARE WALKING! This is NYC. It’s what you do.

The first stop on our journey is MSGR McGolrick Park. It’s a quiet Saturday where a boy is playing fetch with his father and a few dogs running around the dog park. On Sundays during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can catch the hustle and bustle of the Farmers Market and smell the sweet sweet aroma of fresh vegetables and fun. That’s what fun smells like. But today it is beautiful and quiet and a wonderful place to zen out and just be surrounded by trees and nature and picnic benches, war monuments and a historic pavilion. Or kick around leaves for 15 minutes like a 5-year-old like I just did.

Next, we make our way to Greenpoint Fish & Lobster. Peering through the windows we see all the delicious looking fresh seafood displayed amongst the sea of patrons. POPULAR! Like the girl from Wicked would say. With the whole day ahead of us to explore, we decide to save our appetites.

We continue walking and run into Northern Territory. Let me not forget to mention passingSpritzenhaus on the way — which is a HUGE and I mean HUGE beer hall with lots of large communal tables for people to enjoy their fine craft brews and play JENGA. We decide not to stop in because I have been there before, so we continue on with me smiling and nodding and giving two thumbs up to some rando Spritzenhaus cohorts. We arrive at Northern Territory and boy is the rooftop PURTY. There is a spectacular view of the East River and Manhattan skyline. When the weather is nice, the rooftop is always packed but when it’s cold, the downstairs tavern is just as beautiful and quite cozy. If you’re craving an inventive cocktail, order it here. I need to run to the restroom, I’ll meet you at the bar.

Next, we walk to Budin because you drank too much and need a caffeine pick me up (pick you up?). This adorable Nordic Coffee Shop is also a beer bar that sells designed goods. In fact, the name “Budin” is Icelandic for “The Shop” and represents how there is something for everyone inside. Wow, welcoming! The awesome part is, they have a rule that all laptops be put away at 8:00 P.M. to allow for the bar/party environment to spread its wings. If you’re all work and no fun, you’re outta here! The vibe and energy there is so positive and happy and calming, I understand how you’d want to spend the whole day there. Especially if you’re a shopper. And especially now that you’ve got some nice rum in your tum. I see you eyeing those beautifully knitted mittens. The exclusive goods for sale here are produced by many Scandinavian designers with the majority of the wares being from young fashionables who have never had their products sold on this side of the Atlantic. So I say yes! Buy those gloves and support their dream!

Now we make our way to WNYC Transmitter Park to watch the sunset. Good thing you have those new mittens on, it’s getting kind of chilly! Here we can sit on the waterfront grass to see the beautiful Manhattan view, or we can walk on the recreational pier and get a closer glimpse of the city. I suggest we take a seat on a bench on the pier and really take in Greenpoint and the surrounding areas and how fortunate we are to be living and breathing here.

What’s that you say? You want Pizza? Then I answer back, hell yeah motha pizza all day erreday. After the sunset, but not long after, we take a two-minute walk to the famous Paulie Gee’s. They open at 5pm, I seriously suggest you get there at 4:50 or anytime before they open to get in line, because there will be a line! The moment they open the doors, you’ll be seated if you’re in the front, but the tables fill up fast!! Opening the menu you notice there are also a bunch of options for your Vegan friends too! Dayna is in luck! And this place has the perfect vibe for everyone. Must be why we are surrounded by multiple families with their children, couples on dates ogling each other, and buddy’s chit chatting about the last episode of Making A Murderer. After your first bite you realize these gourmet pies are to die for. Most likely because they are wood-fired and topped with locally sourced ingredients. MMM MMM. We ate too much and are ready for bed even though its 5:45pm now.

We thank our Loke for being such a great guide and telling us all these awesome places to go before we part ways. I said we part ways. Get goin’. Stop following me. But actually follow me on Instagram @duanmackenzie and watch my VLOG if you wanna. I actually vlogged this Greenpoint exploration which you can check out here

But all in all, thank you for coming along on my adventure with me. You were nice.

Good night to you. Good night to all.

Duan Mackenzie

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