How to Celebrate V-Day like a local in NYC

Valentine’s Day. Everyone has an opinion on it. Single, coupled, throupled or otherwise (we won’t judge) — most acknowledge the day with some form of an eye-roll and a shrug. I think we should re-position this — it’s an excuse to party, so let’s take advantage. Rather than book your typical prix fixe, try something new and celebrate like a local. Here are some options to do just that.

Imbibe: Brandy Library. Get cozy in Tribeca for a quiet, sophisticated night tasting rare liquors at the recommendation of an expert librarian. The dress code is smart-casual, so bring your best Mad Men getup — and you must be 25 or older to enter — reservations recommended. Whether you’re an expert looking for the perfect sip of Hibiki 17 or a novice looking for guidance on a menu of 1600+ libations, you’re most welcome.

Taste: Cheese Class @ Murray’s Cheese Bar. Nothing says “I love you” like a plate of New York’s best cheese. At Murray’s cheese bar in the West Village, you can learn which cheese pair best with chocolate, or which wine to serve with camembert. In my book, this type of expertise is a prerequisite for a second date.

Stretch: Partner Yoga @ YogaWorks SoHo. Breathe through any tension you’re feeling with a partner yoga session at YogaWorks in SoHo. Never turn down an opportunity to show off your flexibility to a potential mate…

Watch: Then She Fell. Ever heard of Sleep No More? This is the hipster, even creepier version. Based on Alice in Wonderland, you’re guided through an interactive version of the story (might make sense to review the plotline of AIW before the session) in an old hospital ward in BK. You and your date will have plenty to discuss afterwards.

Perform: The Moth @ Housing Works Cafe. If you haven’t heard of The Moth, you’re in for a creative treat. The tagline is “true stories told live,” which is a pretty concise description. Organizers work out a topic, for example — this weekend’s theme is “Love Hurts.” Snag a ticket, and you’re a potential performer. Prepare a 5 minute story and you may find yourself onstage telling your tale alongside talented poets, actors, and writers. It may be tough to get a ticket in NYC this weekend, but keep an eye out for future events.

As always, find me on Lokely and @wasabipeanut for ideas on how to best enjoy the city I love — New York.

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