Locals Know Best: Saturday in DC

Have you been yearning to explore the capital city of the United States, but just haven’t found your way? We’ve got you covered. We asked Christine, a top DC loke, to tell us her secrets on how to best experience the city on a Saturday. Show us how it’s done, Christine.

Hi Christine, tell us about yourself.

I’ve lived in DC for just over four years. Well technically, that’s a bold-faced lie — Clarendon is that island one WHOLE mile away from the city line. But when deciding where to call home, I followed my heart…Virginia IS for Lovers. Despite my Arlington residency, Location Services pins me in the true DC for work and play. My work in marketing for a global language services company entails content development as well as engaging (yeah, eating and drinking) with clients + colleagues in DC and worldwide. But no matter where I reside, my Pittsburgh roots shine (and confuse) as I continue to disregard correct US English pronunciations and proper word/sentence structure. So, quite often, the first text you’ll receive from me on a Saturday is either ‘goin aht tonight?’ or ‘where u at’.

What’s a typical Saturday entail for you?

My Saturdays are typically a VA+DC infused cocktail with a dash of physical activity, garnished with “something new”, and topped-off with friendship. DC’s small-city vibe has always been my style and its configuration allows for anyone and everyone to tackle the #nowtrending list almost instantaneously. Whether or not that’s a blessing or a curse is TBD.

Morning: Work aht

As a bona fide sucker for the latest fitness trend, I usually manage to drag a fit friend — or just dragging myself seems applaudable — to any and all quadrants of The District to get my kick (in the a$$). Both local and visiting fitties can easily find their favorite workout followed by a must-stop coffee shop in any nook of the city.

My routines include:

- CorePower Yoga in Georgetown followed by Dean & DeLuca (Go-To Order: Iced Coffee)

- Orange Theory Fitness in Rosslyn followed by North Side Social (Go-To Order: Cappuccino)

- SoulCycle in Mount Vernon followed by La Colombe (Go-To Order: Drip Coffee)

  • If weather permits, I #basically love hiking Billy Goat Trail near Great Falls. Or I’ll head to the Georgetown Waterfront for Stand Up Paddleboard on the Potomac River — warning, do not fall in. *

Afternoon: Tis The (Football) Season

Habitual Sports Bar: The Prospect — U Street

My D3 alma mater will never make the big screen, so my approval of this place begins with its neutral sports environment. Inevitably, it will become THE [insert D1 college here] bar. Menu includes craft drafts and ciders as well as your typical bar food with some flare. The plentiful amount of TVs keep me sane as I can watch the Buckeyes from a distance while seated with the Penn State epidemic I (hesitate) to call my “friends”.

S’Cute & S’Cool: Lost & Found — Shaw

The funky variety of beers on tap is a breath of fresh air, and the multiple bars/rooms comfortably accommodate a crowd and personal space. The vibe is less rah-rah than your typical sports bar and way more aesthetically pleasing. To find this hidden gem, you’ll enter an alley that feels completely hidden from the Muggle world. After a few turns, you’ll stop looking for wizards and wand shops…and be Found.

The Dive I Dig: Stoney’s — P Street

Never one to underappreciate a reliable and consistent dive bar, Stoney’s is my Saturday and Sunday football go-to. That may be because they are known to support my preferred teams — but hey, don’t be a jerk and they’ll put your game on too. Get there early and snag the top back room to host your very own Game Day.

Evening: I CAN hear you!

I seek a fairly intimate environment — like, no screaming when the new Bieber song comes on — but still want somewhat of a scene. You too? Follow me!

(But if you want to listen to thenew Bieber song on repeat, I’m down for that too…)

The Dabney — Shaw

The Dabney’s cozy, chic ambiance, plus unique cocktails, creates the perfect atmosphere for a drink with a “new” friend and for dinner by the fireplace with your closest Saturday cahooters. This is also located in Diagon Alley (see Lost & Found). No need to tap on the correct brick to get in but, by all means, go for it.

Rose’s Luxury — Capitol Hill

All I can say is get in line! No reservation policies can be scary, but good things come to those who wait. Doors open at 5pm, and the line begins to form around 4pm. The best way to embark upon this menu is to simply treat yo’ self to every item on the list — you will not be disappointed by a single dish. It doesn’t hurt to bring a few adventurous foodie-friends along to help split the plates/bill.

Lupo Verde — 14th Street

I dined (and wined, a lot) here before visiting Italy for the first time, and I continue to approve post-Italy. Sure, it’s an Americanized experience but the service and food will suppress your spontaneity long enough to properly plan your trip back to the homeland. Girls’ Night, Date Night, Parents’ in Town Night, and No Occasion Needed Night are all valid reasons to make a reso.

Late Night: Oh please, I’m asleep by midnight.

Ask any local late nighter and they’ll too dramatically agree, Jumbo Slice is not overrated. Two paper plates are inadequate to cart this greasy delight but it will not matter — you’ll be halfway finished before your Uber request has even been assigned. You will feel guilty for drunk eating…and you’ll do it again next weekend.

Amsterdam Falafel on 14th Street is my “oh, but it’s healthy!” late night treat. Cal-wise, the falafel ain’t awful but there’s an elaborate row of garnishes to add to your final cal count. Yes, you will feel only slightly less guilty for drunk eating…and yes, you’ll do it again next weekend.

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