Locals Know Best: Saturday in Philly

Sports fans love Fall. It’s when you can sit back, relax, and watch sports all weekend long. One of our top Philly lokes, Russ, is both a sports enthusiast and a partier. Naturally, these two qualities intrigued us, so we asked Russ how to best combine the two in the City of Brotherly Love. Show us the way, Russ.

Hi Russ, tell us about yourself.

Absolutely. In a nutshell, I’m an outgoing socialite trying to cling on to the last years of my 20’s. I work in center city at a real estate private equity fund specializing in multifamily investments. I live in the graduate hospital area of Philadelphia with my fiancé and love our neighborhood. On the weekends, we are constantly going out with friends and taking advantage of the city. Philly has a ton of awesome BYOB restaurants which make for hilarious and entertaining group dinners and/or double or triple dates. We love trying them all and then proceeding to whatever the bar of choice is for the night to further our debauchery and keep the night going. Simply put, when I’m not working, I have fun.

You love both sports and partying, how do you combine the two in Philly?

Depending on how Friday night starts and ends, Saturday morning amongst my group of friends is dedicated to soccer. More specifically, each week we head to Black Sheep Irish Pub on 17th and Locust to watch Manchester United play and support the growing MUFC Philly club. Black Sheep offers great beer specials during the game and also offers the ideal $4 breakfast sandwich to help with the previous night’s hangover. Best of both worlds.

Bar for the games

Saturday afternoons can lead to anything and everything in Philly. Being close enough to the burbs affords us the opportunity to get out and play golf when the weather is nice. During football season, however, the city is king as there are endless possibilities of where to post up for the games. In our neighborhood, Founding Fathers Sports Bar has become somewhat of a home base for us when there are games on. They have TV’s all over the place and a decent selection of beers. The food is somewhat upscale bar food and usually pretty solid. We also venture to Ten Stone from time to time as it’s a little closer to my apartment and they have $3 mimosas for brunch. I’m not exactly a wine drinker during the day, but it has been said that Ten Stone pours some of the heaviest glasses of wine the city has to offer.

Keep it going

Once the liquid confidence has taken over, it’s safe to assume a fun night is on the horizon. However, since we aren’t robots, sometimes we need to relax, re-energize, and refuel after an afternoon session. We generally will take this time to head home, order some food, shower up, toss on the latest GQ fashion, and get prepared for the night ahead. Whether it’s a buffalo chicken cheesesteak from Omega Pizza, stir fry for HoneyGrow, a random GrubHub order or Pad Thai from My Thai the food is always good, unhealthy and necessary.


Once the early evening lull has subsided, the food has been digested, and the showers have been completed, it’s time to refocus and get the pregame going. This usually entails a group of friends gathering at a to-be-determined house or apartment for some drinks and game planning. Adventures of the nights prior and the afternoon are told and ideas for the night ahead are shared. Drinking games may or may not be played and the sports game of choice is generally on TV. TSwift, Biebs, and Top 40 hits are flowing like the salmon of Capistrano.


Once 10:30–11PM or so hits, it’s time to make moves. Sometimes, if the pregame has morphed into an all-out party, we end up staying put but people generally have the itch to get out and paint the town red. If dancing is what the crowd wants, DeAngelo’s or L’etage are usually the move. If not, somewhere in center city like BRU or Misconduct could be the play. Or, if you’re feeling really rowdy, a howl at the moon night is never a bad call, just be prepared to wait in line.


Sunday morning is a dark dark time in the lives of many. 32oz Gatorade, Excedrin, and a breakfast sandwich from 19 Degrees Cafe (sausage, egg, and cheese with hot sauce on a bagel) is exactly what the doctor ordered. This is where the fork in the road appears. Do we make it a lazy Sunday filled with spontaneous naps and GrubHub orders, or do we Sunday Funday until our bodies plead for the insanity to stop? I’ve traveled down both paths numerous times and to say one is better than the other, is just downright irresponsible. Sunday Funday often leads you to McGillins to watch the NFL games and drink the cheapest beer money can buy. If staying local, the aforementioned Ten Stone and / or Founding Fathers are prime targets. If you’re brave enough to make it through Sunday Funday after a long weekend, you deserve to be rewarded with a monstrous order of Chinese food from New South China. Afterwards, it’s an early night of sleep and regret in preparations for the long work week ahead.

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