Locals Know Best: Weekend in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an ever-changing big/little city, keeping pace with the Portland’s and New York City’s of the U.S. Since there are a ton of diverse and up-and-coming areas of the ‘Burgh, one of our top lokes, Rich, wanted to give us a real feel of the city. Check out his weekend itinerary and you’ll be calling yourself a ‘Yinzer’ before you know it.

Hi Rich, tell us about yourself.

Hola fellow lokes! I live in the Southside of Pittsburgh and work for PPM Realty as a Real Estate Agent, Developer, Property Manager…you name it. I graduated from Penn State and immediately began working in the Food Distribution business, which is where I truly fell in love with different cuisines, flavors and cooking styles. I closely follow new restaurants, bars and nightlife spots which seem to be popping up every other day, and the ‘Burgh was just ranked the #1 top food city in the US according to Zagat. Come here for a visit and you’ll be surprised by the plethora of unique and hip places to eat, drink and simply have a good time.

Friday Dinner & Drinks

Smoke BBQ Taqueria in Lawrenceville is the finest taco joint in town, you’ll be sorry if you decide not to wait in line. Smoke serves only the freshest ingredients in hand made flour tortillas and its flavored Agua Frescas are tediously handcrafted to quench your thirst. Order 2–3 tacos for yourself and please, seriously, please don’t forget to order their Mac and Cheese.

If you aren’t on taco overload, head to Industry Public House for a casual drink or two. Or three. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a craft beer of your choice.

Morning coffee at La Prima

Wake up early and head to the Strip District for the best cup of joe in Pittsburgh. La Prima roasts their own coffee beans in the warehouse a few blocks away and grinds them daily in their shop. If you get there early enough, the only language you will hear is Italian, but don’t let that scare you. The sight (and taste) is worth seeing. Trust me.

Saturday Tour of the Strip District

Take some time to tour Pittsburgh’s Historical Strip District. The Strip is about as eclectic as you can get. Asian, Italian, Polish, Greek and Mediterranean markets span the entire Strip, along with diners, Pittsburgh sports clothing stores, fresh fruit markets and party stores. Make sure to stop into Pennsylvania Macaroni Co and stand in line at their cheese counter that holds over 700 different types of specialty cheeses (they will even offer you free samples!). Also, Wholey’s Fish Market is an incredible sight to see. Thousands of fresh fish swim around in their tanks, waiting for you to choose a few for dinner!

Saturday Dinner & Drinks

Enjoy a creatively eclectic yet healthy dinner at Altius on Mt. Washington which overlooks the city, then head to the Southside for a few casual drinks at Acacia. And no, I’m not sending you to a University of Pittsburgh Frat Party for a a few Natty Lights. This hidden hole in the wall is a true gem that not even many locals know about. Up scale cocktails, homemade syrups and flavored bitters, you’ll truly feel like you’re living in the Prohibition Era. Pay close attention to the masterminds behind the bar, it’s a pleasure to watch your cocktail created. Just one thing, please don’t order a Bud Light here!

Here we go Stillers

What trip to Pittsburgh would be complete without attending Heinz Field on the North Shore for a Steelers Game. Just so happens that the Steelers play this Sunday at 4:25 pm against the Denver Broncos! Even if you don’t have tickets to the game or a tailgate to attend, head down to the North Shore early in your cheap Pittsburgh Garb that you bought in the Strip District the day before, and you’ll fit right in. Pittsburghers at Steelers games are the friendliest around. If you stop by any tailgate chanting “Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!”, I can guarantee you’ll be offered an adult beverage of your choice. Have a blast! Here’s a throwback pic of some Yinzers tailgating!