Urban Hike like a Loke

Fellow Lokes, this is Deb and I happily dwell in America’s Finest City, San Diego, CA! I’m a New York City gal, born and raised, but on a whim (called college) I headed WEST in search of sunny days and adventurous opportunities nearly a decade ago — so yes, I have some legit local knowledge :)

San Diego is publically famous for beaches and sunsets, but what isn’t broadcast to the world is how incredibly epic it’s Urban neighborhoods are. To remedy this, we are about to embark on what we Lokes call, an Urban Hike — after all it’s February, it’s 80 degrees, and it’s the weekend — the city is our oyster.


Loke Low Down:

  • Balboa Park is located in the Bankers Hill Neighborhood. It has some of the oldest houses in the city as well as a killer view of your friend’s incoming flight :)
  • Panama 66 in mini-me and pooch friendly

Balboa Park is hands down my favorite place in San Diego — maybe it’s the city girl in me, but a wide open area in the middle of an urban space, is the solace I seek when unwinding on a weekend. Panama 66 is a relatively new addition to Balboa Park, but a very welcome one! With a bar stocked with jammy wines, local brews, a gourmet food menu, and seating in the sculpture garden, you too can be a patron of the arts. While we are only gathering at Panama 66 for a short while, I highly recommend planning a day around all the Park has to offer, including museums, gardens, art, and close proximity to the San Diego Zoo.

*Loke Tip — if you’re only craving a beverage there is a line dedicated to drinks, no need to wait on the long food line ;)*


Loke Low Down:

  • Little Italy is a very walkable and wonderful ‘hood boasting food and drink to satisfy all palettes
  • Ballast Point Brewery is here and ready to serve you any number of fruit favorited sculpins
  • Crack Shack is also kid and dog friendly

While Italian and Fried Chicken are not the conventional match made in heaven, when you throw in an open air layout, a bocce ball court, and a full bar one starts to overlook such conventional perceptions. In one word, Crack Shack is delicious — from the drinks, to the biscuits, to the chicken, you really can’t lose.

*Loke Tip — you can order food from the bar when ordering up a handcrafted cocktail, so have your wing-human work on snagging a table while you savor the options.*


Loke Low Down:

  • The Local is not a place to take fido and mini-me, but theme parties and brew-seeking humans are very welcome
  • Don’t look down, look up — or else you’ll miss the entrance to this fun spot

The Local is just that, a classic Loke spot where San Diego’s hard working homies come to enjoy Happy Hour or get their party on before a House of Blue’s concert. They also boast a great menu and an awesome happy hour with a beer selection to give any bar a run for their hops!

*Loke Tip — The Local brews their own beer — Resident — give it a try, it won’t disappoint!*


Loke Low Down:

  • Quartyard is located in my home ‘hood East Village!
  • Quartyard has a dog park and is open air — little humans and 4 legged humans welcome
  • East Village has a ton of great spots to check out if Quartyard isn’t doing it for you — hit me up on Lokely for deets

Quartyard is the brainchild of RAD Labs and is literally a pop-up park! Joni Mitchell must have missed the memo, but Quartyard turned a parking lot into paradise. This fine establishment hosts live music, local food from Sausage and Meat (S&M for short), a full bar, GAMES, food trucks, a dog park, and a great biergarten feel. It’s the perfect place to end your Urban Hike and you’re conveniently two blocks from Loke favoriteBootlegger, and a plethora of fantastic restaurants.

*Loke Tip — If you are feeling a beer and the bar is crowded, head across the lot to the S&M stand for a great local brew and no line*


Now that you are armed with a few drinks and all the steps your Fitbit could ask for, go and swagger down the street like the honorary San Diegan you are!

For more tips on how to make your perfect Urban Hike — or even a non-Urban Hike — hit me up on Lokely!

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