Adventure Ready (?)

We’ve dreamt and talked about this trip for so very many years, but now that we are flying in 5 minutes it feels unreal.

For the longest time, I was struggling and frustrated in the army, desperate and ready to leave. But the past 3 months have been kind, and revealed that there are many interesting things to be done and incredible people to be inspired by in Singapore. Organizing backalleybarber sessions with Geylang Adventures has been meaningful.

And working on the art for Sing, Love has been an opportunity to experience the hectic labor, passion and camaraderie that goes on behind the lens.

So I guess my hope for the next 3 months is that they continue to be filled with learning and laughter. Here’s to safe travels.

Seriously though Shaun and I are LITERALLY the only Chinese on the flight.

(Repost because of a typo)

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