Top 3 must do things at Cochin International Airport

1. Arrive at 1am. This unearthly hour is a great time to fly into a foreign country. It will be impossible to go anywhere so you will have the opportunity to sleep on the luxurious airport chairs. Security will not let you lay down on the floor (see point 2)

2. Get prodded by a rifle. If you do attempt to achieve slumber in a horizontal position, a friendly guard will rouse you by jabbing you with the muzzle of his rifle. Looking into the muzzle of the rifle is a gorgeous view to wake up to, a definite must do for any traveller in Cochin.

3. Have tigerair lose your backpack. Upon clearing customs you must discover that (almost) everything you own for the next 3 months is missing. You can then wait in uncertainty until noon the next day, when you will find out if the backpack is on the next flight from Singapore. If so, you may head back to the airport to collect it in 3 days time. Revel in the wonder that yours is the only piece of luggage not to arrive; you alone are the chosen one.

Notice that there are 2 guys but only 1 bag

The hostel is a lively buzz. We’ll wait on news for Ro’s bag while making plans for the next few weeks. Goa will get rained out, maybe we’ll go watch the monsoons.

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