How to Rotate IP ADDRESS in Brute Force Attack

Lokesh Kumar
Nov 21, 2019 · 3 min read

This post is about to explain how to rotate IP address for each request and make Brute Force attack using Burp Suite.


Mostly these IP Rotation method is used for Web Scraping, Security Testing to bypass IP blocking.

What is IP address rotation?

IP address rotation is a process where assigned IP addresses are distributed to a device at random or at scheduled intervals by an administrator or IP address rotation software.

There are many IP ROTATION Services available in online for free tier and paid

  1. Luminati
  2. Oxylabs
  3. Smartproxy
  4. Stromproxy
  5. Proxyrotator

.. Search in Google for more..

This post was explained only by using Luminati for IP ROTATION.

Why Luminati?

Luminati is one of the worlds largest proxy selling organization that has been on the internet, selling quality proxies, for a long time. They provide residential proxies as well as Datacentre proxies.


  • Easy to use
  • No Coding required
  • Socks proxy Supported
  • Unlimited Concurrent Sessions
  • LPM console (Luminati Proxy Manager)
  • 99.99% Network Up-time
  • Faster


  • Bandwidth is limited for (Pay per GB)
  • Little bit Costly

Available Proxies Types:

  • Data center Shared Proxies (400,000+ IPs)
  • Residential Proxies (35,000,000+ IPs)

For Security Testing Data center Shared Proxies is enough with (pay per GB). You will get access to the whole (400,000+ IPs)

How to Rotate IP ADDRESS:


  1. Signup and verify account in Luminati
  2. Download and install LPM(Luminati Proxy Manager)
  3. Launch LPM and login to the Admin browser

4. Set Rotating (IPs) in IP control Settings

5. Add LPM Proxy port in Burp suite Upstream Proxy Server or in Socks proxy

And that’s it . For each request IP Address will be Changed . The probability of repeatation of IPs is very less.

Before Enabling LPM:

After Enabling LPM:

Video POC:


This Post is only for Educational Purpose . Many Websites use IP based Blocking. so please do not harm any sites for Illegal activities.

..😁Happy Hacking😁..

Lokesh Kumar

Written by

Web Security Researcher

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