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Hello Guys — it’s been a while I wrote an article, but this time I am back with a bunch of inputs to make the learning curve so simple for Hyperledger, yes it is absolutely easy & free. Just follow this 24 hours tutorials and make sure to go sequentially.

Since bringing huge content of Hyperledger Training into just 24 hours is really tough task, so I want to make sure that content is crisp and straight to the point. If you skip any article, then it will be tough to get complete knowledge. I will be keep adding the article in this list from hour to hour!.

Volunteers are welcome to suggest the topics/add your research here, while I post the series.

Let’s get started!!

Article # 1: Hour 00:00— Hyperledger Introduction — Available

Article # 2: Hour 01:00 — Hyperledger Eco-System — Available

Article # 3: Hour 02:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Architecture Deep Dive — Available

Article #3a: Hour 02:45 — Hyperledger Fabric — Blockchain Tree — Available

Article # 4: Hour 03:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Components Deep Dive — Available

Article # 5: Hour 04:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Environment Setup — Available

Article # 6: Hour 05:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Network Setup(Multi-Org / Multi-Peer) — Part 1— Available

Article # 7: Hour 06:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Network Setup(Multi-Org / Multi-Peer) — Part 2 — Available

Article # 8: Hour 07:00 — Hyperledger Fabric —How to extend the network & add new Organization — In Progress

Article # 9: Hour 08:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Debugging errors & possible solutions — Available

Article #10: Hour 09:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Kafka / ZooKeeper introduction

Article #11: Hour 10:00 — Hyperledger Fabric —Chaincode & How to write?

Article #12: Hour 11:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Middleware & How to write?

Article #13 : Hour 12:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — API

Article #14: Hour 13:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Integrating Fabric Network & Front End

Article #15: Hour 14:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Prepare for Production Deployment

Article #16: Hour 15:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Cloud Service — which one is optimal?

Article #17: Hour 16:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Kubernetes — why it is necessary?

Article #18: Hour 17:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Prepare the network config for deployment

Article #19: Hour 18:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Create & Configure nodes in cloud

Article #20: Hour 19:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Encryption(how to add second layer of encryption)

Article #21: Hour 20:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Deploy the solutions in Cloud & execute

Article #22: Hour 21:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — How to add new Peer in existing Network

Article #23: Hour 22:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — How to add new org in existing network

Article #24: Hour 23:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Wrap-up

Hyperledger Use Case

I believe, the above article should give you complete details from start to finish!, this will definitely help both technical & non-technical people. So are you guys ready to join with me?….

Keep watching this article for more updates..

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Happy to learn, what I have experienced in Blockchain & Analytics Space, watch out www.blockchaindreamlab.com & www.zuiverinfotech.com

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Logeswaran Audhikesavan

Logeswaran Audhikesavan

Happy to learn, what I have experienced in Blockchain & Analytics Space, watch out www.blockchaindreamlab.com & www.zuiverinfotech.com

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