Beyond our control!

Technologies beyond our control! — How do I learn it?

  • So many courses are available for just 10$, sometimes lesser than that. But would recommend to go over the feedback/reviews before you purchase any course. Most importantly just see whether course content is up-to-date. That’s OK to spend 10$ for your knowledge upgrade, sometimes it worth million when you are at job risk.
  • Most of us would deal with this situation, but there are no other option. Yes, you have to practice, face an error, find the solutions only then you can be a real programmer. Just copy pasting the code from google/materials, will never make you bright. So face it and fix it!. I would recommend to write a blog( about your learning, this will ensure that you are practicing before you throw the words to the world. Second, it would help you to recap after some point of time.
  • “Appy Geek”, “Inshorts”, “Beebom” & so many apps are available in Store, which will help you to keep yourself up-to-date on Tech News(I personally used these, please add in “Comments” section if there are any which you feel good).
  • Nevertheless, it is very important to be googling. Terabytes of information is being floated every milliseconds & we need to stand with that.
  • Use this Link -> Click here for effective Google Search.
  • If you stuck while you practice, no worries you are not the only one would have faced that error. So just find the errors in Google, certainly you will get a solutions in “StackOverflow or Quora”. These are two knowledge sharing forum, which has plenty of documents in every technologies. So before you post any query, just do enough research, it will nail down your problems.
  • If you are new to Github / bitbucket this link, will help you to understand these two.
  • You must have a git-hub or bitbucket repository, which will help you to work from anywhere in the world quite easily.
  • We can learn so many things, but only when you apply in real time it will show you how good you are at it. So practice, practice, practice.. Keep practicing, until you are good in training somebody.




Happy to learn, what I have experienced in Blockchain & Analytics Space, watch out &

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Logeswaran Audhikesavan

Logeswaran Audhikesavan

Happy to learn, what I have experienced in Blockchain & Analytics Space, watch out &

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