How you can start meditating…again…

We all take care of hygiene everywhere. Eat fresh food, bath everyday. What about hygiene of your mind? Have you ever thought of it? We don’t keep food in our house for more then couple of day because it get unhygienic. But our thoughts are then for don’t know how any years or even decades.

Meditation is that tool which helped me realized hygiene of mind is most important thing.

There are some myths about meditation like you need to sit quietly in a dark room etc. But the reality is that you can meditate anytime. You can meditate while you are driving or sipping cup of coffee.

In our evolution from monkey to human we inherited one features which is our inner voice. This is the one who is running your show not you. It says snooze that alarm and go to dreamland again. If you have set up an alarm them then must be a reason for it else why will you. Job of this inner voice is to keep you safe and live longer. But it’s good at doing a task if you give it. This is how you can practice.

Keep doing whatever you are doing just try to experience your breathing. How it feels when you breath in and how it feels to breath out. This is just to keep your innor voice busy. Soon a thought will pop up in your mind. Initially you will flow with that thought. Now don’t get mad at youself. Just be present to that thought . Say I got this thought and start focusing on breathing. Soon more thoughts will pop , the moment you will identify that thought get back to breath. That’s it!!!!

Let me know if it helps.