The Next Step in Crowdfunding Evolution — The WHIRL

Let’s give ourselves freedom and opportunity to make our dreams come true. This article will tackle a new project concerning Crowdfunding but before I talk about this project lets know what crowdfunding really is.


Crowdfunding is used to fund wide-range social networking for the purpose of profit, an entrepreneurial venture such as artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel, or community-oriented social entrepreneurship projects. Crowdfunding on the internet is now widespread that creators gained popularity and conventional use in the arts and other communities in social media. The inputs of an individual that are joined on their campaign using social media have the power to trigger the crowd. The crowdfunding process and the offerings of the possible outcomes of the process will influence the ultimate value. Wherein the individual acts as an agent that will pursue to offer, select and promote to the audience about the project. They sometimes play or act as a donor role oriented towards offering help to anyone regarding their social projects. In some cases, because of the loyalty and hard work, joined individual become shareholders and contribute to the development and growth of the offering. Individuals disseminate information about the project they support on their online communities for generating more support in which they act as a promoter of the project. The motivation for consumers participation will make the individual feel of being at least a responsible for the success of others initiative (a desire to patronage).
Crowdfunding needs widespread public attention for their project and platform.

and now you know about crowdfunding, let's go now to our main topic a new crowdfunding platform called WHIRL a crowdfunding platform build on Blockchain.


Whirl is an enormously supplementary crowdfunding platform built upon the principle of Pay It Forward. You can use Whirl to get your hands on funding for around all, as long as its authentic. Your objective could be a startup company, a charitable project, a capacity, a holiday or even an auxiliary car. All you promote someone else disconcert by now you intend sponsorship for your own. Whirl is ideal for people who don’t have the connections, skills, or funds to disconcert in subsidiary ways. By joining the Whirl community, you can promotion people later than same dreams, and get a bond of their to insist on compensation.


Nowadays, blockchain-based projects have a huge history of trust issues. Including the crowdfunding facing a significant burden on campaign creator promising outcomes to the crowd that never fulfilled due to the high incidents of fraud.

  • Most Campaigns fail — There are handily too many campaigns to preserve track of and backers are wary of spending their hard-earned cash concerning missed deadlines and disloyal promises.
  • Impractical for the average person — Crowdfunding isn’t reasonable for the vast majority. On the off chance that you run a prizes based battle, you need to invest the majority of your energy.
  • Geographic discrimination — distinctive nations have their very own stages and they all execute in fiat monetary standards with worldwide saving money confinements. This discontinuity implies quality supporters are avoided from putting resources into quality crusades.


WHIRL will help every individual to invest money for their dreams and obligations without encouraging or begging their friends and family to patronize for donations, dealing a promised rewards, or selling expensive cars or getting loans to banks in order to grant investments. It will help also the nonprofit organizations by maximizing their exposure and to become accessible to an immediate with a new source of capital. Nonprofit will be approved by WHIRL and guaranteed that they will receive special campaign placement slots, without platform fees, and offering backers with an utmost bonus through Karma.

So, Did you try to think that you have an idea and a particular need to put your dreams into a reality and wondering where to start? 
Whirl will make it possible. Dreaming something that we want is our freedom. Of course, we are dreaming about something that still never exist.


You will also notice and definitely wondering on how Whirl chooses their limited number of campaigns display. The main reason is they have a strict standard in evaluating campaigns with a fair and transparent queue. Those campaigns that deals with illegal issues will be rejected. Whirl queue will also launch their fundraising with an active zone, depends upon to the potential of any campaign to win a slot. Once the campaign is known as one of the potential ones, it will be listed and soon be display. This is also a first come first serve to queue. No matter how many campaigns will join and how many karmas they possess, as long as you listed, it will be.


The heart of Whirl Platform. Karma reflects how much protection you’ve offered to added users. You will earn Karma or more Karma if you come back many times with Whirl’s platform. For example, if you back a campaign:
With Whirl’s platform: 10. 0 Karma x every 1$ equivalent of your contribution, with Whirl partner cryptocurrency: 8.5 Karma x every 1$ equivalent of your contribution, with other cryptocurrency or with fiat: 7.0 Karma x every 1$ equivalent of your contribution. The more karma you have, the quicker you have an effect on towards the Active Zone and the more funds you can lift. You can’t buy and sell Karma outside the Whirl’s ecosystem. Karma is only earned and it’s not a Whirl’s cryptocurrency. WRL token is the Whirl’s platform cryptocurrency.


Minimum of 500 Karma it the requirements for creating a Campaign on the Whirl Platform. The Campaign must be in English language and requires moderators approval, and when the campaign is live the funds that it can raise will be capped by the creator’s Karma at the rate of $1 per Karma. Whirl have their unique idea on how to store the funds of any campaign to avoid the risks of hacked and stolen issues. They automatically transport funds in cold storage. Regarding stolen and lost issues Whirl is willing to give back any funds “only if” it is under the Whirl’s concern.


WRL Token is the cryptocurrency of the Whirl’s platform and it was the native token that will be used inside the platform. It will be available in the market sale and can be transferred in Whirl’s platform. You can buy and sell WRL token.


Through TGE, WRL Token will be generated while utilizing the standard of Ethereum ERC-20 wallet and will be transferred automatically to another blockchain like EOS. With the $0.0013 initial WRL exchange sale price with bonuses by TGE.



MICRO LEVEL — Campaign Raising to $200 up to $30,000


HIGH LEVEL — UP TO $3,000,000

When the WHIRL platform operates only the FIrst level will be unlocked and once the platform gets more user it will unlock Medium and High Level, and Another thing even you get more than 30,000 karma you can only set a fundraising target of $30,000.

WHIRL ICO RATING — 3.3/5.0 › ICOs › WHIRL — 8.4/10 — 6.7/10 — BB — 4.4 — 3.8 — 8/10



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