Revival 2017 (Intro)

It was a decade ago when I went through a heart shattering breakup. Around the same period, the only money making skill I had was taken away. I felt hopeless for the future. I placed my hope on a woman and my wealth. When I faced a similar situation during my university days, I dealt with my pain through porn, alcohol, and gambling.

By God’s grace, I received the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. To overcome the pain, I spent my time and energy with church activities. I read a lot Christian books. In 2006, I got baptized during Christmas and went to a multi day mission conference. During the mission conference, I made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ and be equipped to serve Him for God’s glory.

During the past decade, I went to Bible college, worked as a pastor, got married, became a parent, got burned out from ministry, and recovering spiritually at a growing church. Life happened very quickly for me during the past decade. I am in a very different place than I was a decade ago. God was favorable to me. He forgave my iniquity and covered all my sin.

Like the Israelite in the Old Testament, when I cried out to God during my misery, God restored me by bringing me victory over my sins. I followed God and obeyed his commands for a period. There was peace and joy during that period. I then let my guard down and neglect in prayer and God’s Word. I let myself immerse in the world and loved the things of the world instead of devoting myself to Jesus Christ.

Because of my rebellion against God and love of the world, I made many poor and sinful decisions. Currently, I am recovering from my physical, emotional, and spiritual brokenness.

I desire to experience revival in 2017…

But how?