If You’re Feeling Small It’s Because You Are

Embrace Your Awesome Anyway

Knowing that you’re not the most important person in the world is a welcoming discomfort for me.

The world doesn’t revolve around you, or me, or us human beings.

Cosmically speaking, we don’t really matter. We are itty bitty blips of impure carbon and water; rapidly reproducing, using up our natural resources, waging war on each other and trapped inside our self righteous, tiny minds.

Starlust by @witchoria

Where do We (humans of Earth) get off believing that our thoughts as individual selves are so important? When I say “We” I am referencing the ego. The internal mind chatter that processes thoughts almost exclusively about “you,” “your day,” “your future,” etc.

With over 7.3 billion people (and counting) currently inhabiting our sacred planet, what gives one person (or country, ahem…) the right to feel entitled and privileged?

It is truly sad that We (most western people) — value celebrity, socio-economic status, beauty, material possessions, and ourselves before thinking about the lives of other humans of this planet.

News flash, we are all made of the same stuff. Although we may look differently or speak a variety of languages, our skeletal structures are made up of the same pieces and our DNA is more than 99% similar!!! We really are no different from our neighbors… both next door, cross country, or overseas. We all have valid needs, desires, thoughts, and feelings.

We, as collective members of this planet, need to wake up, drop our egos, and love/accept/appreciate each other already!

Wish You Were Anywhere but Here by @witchoria

Knowing this, it should be bluntly simple to understand and that we belong to something much greater than ourselves.

This planet is awesome. Awesome, huge and scary. Although we have no control over problems facing earth or what goes on in space we do have control over the impact we have on others.

“… in the end, it doesn’t even matter”

(Yes, I just quoted Linkin Park circa 2000.)

All that really matters is that you are happy, loved, and give love.

So, I challenge you to embrace your awesome… to find a place where you can make a positive impact for yourself, other people, and the planet as a whole. Every. Single. Day.

Join the movement.


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