Brexit: A Culture Of Paradoxes

On March 29th 2019, the UK will be officially out of the European Union. But this does not mean that Brits are not still fighting against this decision. According to a recent Channel 4 survey, 54% of Britons are now in favor of remaining in the EU.

Politicians, artists and athletes, a lot of public figures have taken part in the debate. This campaign has also played out on social networks, taking tensions to an extent never seen before. The leave vote was especially driven by the re-assessment of the immigration model in the UK. As a result, Britishness has been seriously brought into question, creating conflicts between former Commonwealth immigrants and newcomers from Central and Eastern Europe.

Brexit could cause major upheavals in the upcoming years in cultural industries as well. Would it be the end of the Great Great-Britain on which the sun used to never set?This is a fear that the Royal family is apparently trying the tackle, working really hard to maintain British prestige in the world.

We invited Moya Jones to the Journalism Institute of Bordeaux (IJBA), on November 7th, 2018. Moya Jones, a former professor at Bordeaux-Montaigne University and a specialist of regionalism and social change in the UK answered our questions.