One big lie: I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t help myself 😫

I didn’t want to lie but I thought, just this once couldn’t hurt.

I didn’t want to tarnish her image but I thought, I’m just telling the truth, they deserve to know.

I didn’t want to cheat but I thought to myself, he’s so handsome and there are just too many fishes in the river to stick to one.

I didn’t want to kill her, but she angered me and I lost control!

I didn’t want to break her down with the fruit of my lips but the words flowed out before I could stop myself.

I didn’t want to read that fornication-glorifying book but I thought to myself, I’ve had a really stressful day and this is how I truly relax. So I carried on, conceiving sin in my heart, meditating on it, lusting, pleasing my flesh, exulting in the scintillating feeling.

Few minutes later…

I’ve gone and done it again😫. I told God I would never indulge again because I know it doesn’t glorify him. These actions were first ever conceived in the mind of lawless men…Ah there are just too many “I couldn’t help myself“ situations. Who’s going to help me O wretched man that I am!!

I did promise here to discuss what God in his great love and mercy has done to help us out of Adam’s lawless nature which by virtue of descent we have.

Some people have tried and still try of their strength to restore themselves back to the glory of purity, all fruitless. Even the law of Moses tried but it couldn’t, instead it revealed the inability of men to step up by themselves to God’s righteousness. More, it punished those under it of this weakness.

If you’re not sure of God’s love for you, let this assure you.

God is very much interested in you, he’s even more interested that you still feel guilt when it occurs to your conscience that you’ve just done bad. And he made a way out for you.

First, to give you a pure conscience. To give you a new status!. A state of justification, of forgiveness of all sins, of sanctification, a new creature, old man’s body of sin dead in Christ.

Second, to give you a new spirit that works out good works from within to your outward behavior.

This is what he has done, what he made available. And he did it all in one man, Christ Jesus.

Below is what you will do to receive what he has given.

Believe today that his Son, Christ Jesus has stood in gap for you to pay the price of the lawless nature you inherited and maybe in time past, glorified. This way, you’re justified. Born of the spirit, The Father (God) now lives in you by his Holy Spirit and you’re free from obeying the flesh. God now works in you to do his perfect will, engineering your desires to align with his.

You know, sometime ago I thought being kind was a natural disposition for me. But I’ve come to realize there is a difference between the kindness of the natural man and kindness as a fruit of the spirit. You see, a man born of the spirit has the capacity to walk in love even while being tortured! A natural man in that situation would probably be plotting revenge in his heart of hearts.

That’s the point I’m trying to make- Capacity! God has built in the believer a capacity to say “No” to being ordered around by the desires of the flesh. A capacity higher than the will of the natural man. You can now walk away because you have the nature of the Holy Spirit and the old man who couldn’t say no died with Jesus on the cross (it’s a supernatural thing; Rom 6:6). The old man is the body of sin and has only one law, lawlessness!

Therefore, you can’t be chanting to yourself that “I can’t help myself, the temptation is too strong “. That manner of speech pertains to the old man and the scriptures tell us that he died when we believed Jesus! The old man is dead! Hallelujah 💃.

So If the old man is dead along with his desires, that means the seemingly irresistible desires I feel now as a believer are the echoes of the old man, long dead. The after effects of an age-old nature. Like a writhing headless chicken pretending to still have life.

But you and I know he’s dead and we don’t have to obey the fake signs of life he shows.

The above shares a fact of the scriptures. You have to understand what is true and what isn’t. The truth is that you are actually now dead to sin and alive unto God, you don’t hold the capacity to respond to sin anymore. The “You” who had the capacity, died with Jesus. The “You” who’s alive now is the one born and full of the spirit. The one who desires earnestly, God’s will. The lie the devil keeps telling you is that you can’t control yourself. But, understand you’re now born of the spirit! So when temptations to be lawless comes again, because mark my words, they will come! You will choose to agree with the truth of God’s word, remind and chant to yourself that “No, the body of sin is dead! My desires have changed. I seek those things which Christ presides over” Hallelujah 💃💃.

It’s a thing of joy!. I always wanted to serve God faithfully without inconsistencies, but I couldn’t because I didn’t understand what God had done to the law of sin in my body. Now I do realize and can serve well! God has enabled me by his spirit alive in me! Hallelujah 💃

NB: There are other things to consider, like meditation of sin in the heart but we’ll discuss that some other time.

Now, make this confession out loud:

How can my flesh dictate to me? No way. I tell my flesh when to sit, when to stand, when to shut up, I control my flesh, it doesn’t control me.

If you’re sick: say “I receive strength right now, in the name of Jesus. Body be healed!”

Glory to God!

Until next time🤗,





In Christ Reserved Foodie

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