Why you’re always restless, ever seeking more, never satisfied

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Creation mentality

It’s only man that since the first of his kind (Adam) ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil has become a law unto himself and therein caused all the down sides of humanity we see today.

When you deny your creator lordship and decide for yourself what is good and what is evil (becoming a law unto yourself), you’re heading for a major restlessness, dissatisfaction and eventually greed.

The creation must work and walk according to the plan of the creator for there to be peace. All the addictions, unending obsessions you delve into is in a bid to fill the void that’s really only meant to be filled by God himself. Notice how temporary the satisfaction lasts when you’re done.

You may ask yourself, why then do I love to do what pleases me (my flesh) instead of adhering to God’s plan like he originally intended?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, see it’s not your fault. That natural tendency is not a choice you made yourself. We are all descendants of a man and wife who ate the fruit which made them aware they could decide what is good or bad for themselves instead of working in the will of their creator.

God has said, let everything he created produce fruits after its-kind including the first man (Adam). So it stands to reason, if the first man got it wrong, we his fruits are all wrong.

NB: True eternal satisfaction and peace comes only when you walk in the designated plan of God your creator.

We’ll talk later about what God in his great love has done to help us out and what walking in his plan means…

See yah 🤗

With Love,




In Christ Reserved Foodie

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