Salmon Pink Predicament

Don’t be so sure about the future.

Four days ago, in an attempt to put some extra effort on my physical appearance, I painted my nails salmon pink. It felt a little nice, to pretend that life is inspiring enough to prettify my nails. To appear as if I were not broke and could afford to paint my nails and have them removed again just in time for Sunday’s “No Nail Polish Day.”

I was confident that I’d be getting my check on Friday, as promised, and then I would be able to afford a bottle of nail polish remover.

I didn’t get my check on Friday.

For the two years that I've been writing for that magazine, it’s the first time that my check got delayed because of their careless, honest mistake. I even owed a friend some money and told her that my writer’s fee is never delayed and I’ll pay her back on the date that I promised. Now I’m pretty embarrassed.

You can’t be so pompous about the future. You can’t be so dependent on something that you still cannot see (except Heaven). You can’t fall into a pattern because life doesn't have any patterns.

And so my salmon pink nail polish became a predicament. How can I buy some polish remover without any money? And with a cotton ball dipped in acetone, wipe off my pretense and return to my raw self?

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