2017 Dialogue-Writing Challenge: Day 9
Scott Myers

2017 Dialogue-Writing Challenge: Scene 1

Scene 1 (First scene…ever)


The sound of trendy music is drowned by the buzzing of voices in a crowded bar. Tara is still a little buzzed from the joint she smoked before leaving her apartment.

Tara finds a stool at the bar. There is a familiarity between Tara and the bartender, Carol. She leans in across the counter as Carol pours tequila into a glass — Tara’s choice of drink.

Tara: Make that a double.

Carol glances up to look at Tara but doesn’t stop pouring. She arches a brow as she responds.

Carol: Celebration or obliteration?

Tara slips back and sits on the stool, thinking about the question before answering.

Tara: Both.

Carol: Oh yeah?

Carol slides the shot glass in front of Tara and leans in to listen.

Tara: Uhm. Yeah. I got fired today.

Carol: That sucks.

Tara shakes her head acknowledging the sentiment.

Tara: Know what really sucks? That job. Customer service sucks. There was absolutely nothing worse than having to sit on the receiving end of non-stop complaints.

Carol chuckles. Tara realizes that her comment resonated with Carol and her bartending job.

Tara: I don’t know how you do it every night! The serving people thing.

Carol: Well, I don’t do it every night. Just three nights a week. It pays the rent. And most people come here to celebrate or forget, not to complain.

Tara: Okay. So here’s to celebration!

Tara downs the shot and looks at the mirror behind Carol. She notices a handsome guy staring at her from the back of the room. She locks eyes with him through the miror and cracks a Mona Lisa half-smile that gives him the green light that sets him in motion.

The noise in the bar dissipates into the background as the handsome guy walks toward her, never losing eye contact.

Tara: And I believe my ticket to obliteration is arriving any minute.

Carol glances up then back at Tara and smiles.

Carol: Now that’s what I call a happy ending to a crappy day.

Carol chuckles and moves away to serve another customer as the handsome guys arrives.

Tara responds under her breath before turning around to face him.

Tara: Let’s hope so…END