I’m finally starting my comic book!

God I’m so bad at this! I finished grade 2… mostly… But I’ve moved on to grade 3, the comic book! I found a comic book structure from a website dedicated to writing, that outlined a graphic novel story that consisted of three story lines (https://timstout.wordpress.com/story-structure/american-born-chinese-story-structure/) so I used this model — aside from “Dark night of the soul”, because I have no idea what that means — to plot out my comic book before starting, so here it is, sans title.

PREMISE: 2 people of different ages and different lgbtq identities discover themselves and learn how to accept themselves as lgbtq people in a heteronormative world.

opening image — 
Hayden, an 8 year old boy, sits on the floor of his room that is decorated in sports memorabilia.
set up — his 2 action figures he is playing with are having a tea party.
theme stated — Hayden has more in common with the girls at his school but they don’t want to play with him because he is a boy, resulting in a lonely child.
catalyst — Hayden meets Ira, who sometimes wears dresses and sometimes wears overalls. Sometimes Ira plays with dolls, sometimes they play soccer.

opening image — 
High school classroom, teacher is lecturing, but students aren’t very engaged
set up — Arielle, daydreaming, catches herself staring at Mackenzie, a girl sitting in front of her.
theme stated — Arielle had always liked boys, so she tries to tell herself she just likes Mackenzie’s hair.
catalyst — After class, Arielle’s friend, Andy, asks why she was staring at Mackenzie.

debate — 
Hayden approaches Ira and asks to play with him
choosing act two — Hayden takes one of his sister’s dolls without asking and brings it to school.
fun n’ games — Ira and Hayden spend more time together and become very close.
b story — Hayden calls Ira “she” and Ira explains that they’re not a girl or a boy.
midpoint — Hayden admires Ira and wishes he could be more like them.

debate — 
Arielle tries to convince Andy that she doesn’t have a crush on Mackenzie, she just wants to be friends.
choosing act two — Unconvinced, Andy invites Mackenzie to have lunch with them.
fun n’ games — Arielle and Mackenzie become friends.
b story — Arielle, Andy, and Mackenzie go to the movies. Mackenzie rests her head on Arielle’s shoulder, which makes her smile, and Andy notices.
midpoint — Arielle is having a hard time denying her feelings for Mackenzie.

bad guy closing in — 
Hayden starts getting bullied for playing with dolls and being friends with Ira. Someone calls him gay and he cries because he doesn’t know what it means. Hayden is taken to the principal’s office and they call his parents.
all is lost — Hayden’s parents see the now tattered doll in his bag and get mad because he took it without asking.
choosing act three — Hayden explains that he doesn’t want to be a normal boy. His parents say they love him and offer to buy him a doll of his own.

bad guy closing in — 
Andy keeps making fun of Arielle because of her crush. He calls them lesbians in front of Mackenzie.
all is lost — Arielle gets mad at him and denies her crush. Mackenzie is offended that Arielle was mad because she is a lesbian.
choosing act three — Arielle is sad because Mackenzie is mad at her, so Andy suggests going to the mall to cheer up

finale — At a toy store, Arielle and Andy see a happy Hayden holding his new doll with his parents and his older sister, Mackenzie. Arielle apologizes to Mackenzie and tells her she’s bisexual and was scared to admit it. Mackenzie forgives her.
finale image — Hayden is sitting on the floor of his bedroom, no sports memorabilia, playing with his doll.

Ideally, I would love to still create an activity book responding to the stories, but if the time doesn’t allow, I will just formulate a few reading comprehension questions to add to the end of the book.